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I'm having much fun with the Rainbow High Dolls - this week the Orange one (Poppy) was on sale, so I picked her up.

She has a butterfly motif as well, and I love butterflies.  I'm going to have fun knitting clothes for them once I finish the sleeve on the jumper I'm making at the moment (hopefully tonight!)

Here's Poppy.

[Image: 219419475d30479b64880ec161b218d0.jpg]
She's got the cutest freckles!

And in an alternative outfit - skirt & shoes
[Image: e402d7c2f335986bd4c269b632deb57a.jpg]

And the 3 I currently have: Poppy, Jade & Sunny
[Image: 95ac8992e5bfca870e98d0736ba70e33.jpg]
As you can see, Jade's outfit is very casual compared to the other two.  And I adore Poppy's sandals with the butterflies on the back - more than the boots she was originally wearing.
Poppy’s freckles are just the best!
They’re a colorful crew... and a gradually but consistently increasing crew! Is this an incremental invasion taking place?
How cute and… sunny! (Good name). Those big eyes are certainly endearing. And it’s neat that they can stand on their own. It would definitely be tempting to collect the whole rainbow. Looking forward to seeing what you make for them to wear.
I love the monarch butterfly theme going on for Poppy.

I'll be rooting for you to finish knitting the jumper, because I cannot wait to see what you'll come up with for these girls!
I'm not normally a big fan of orange, but I think Poppy's the cutest of the bunch!
The RH’s are a great new range. I hope they catch on.
The RH are a fun crew - I've now finished my human-sized jumper, so I'm going to start on the dolly-sized ones this week.

I had the day off on Friday, the weather was very nice so I took myself out for lunch down the beach & Nyxie came along with her surfboard. There weren't too many waves at the beach we ended up at (my usual photogrphy beach was very crowded when I was there, so I tried another one which was totally empty except for a nosy seagull).

[Image: bfcd4b766b80c4d1c117797339195f01.jpg]
So Nyxie is a mermaid of many talents?
(03-22-2021, 04:51 PM)Elfy Wrote: [ -> ]So Nyxie is a mermaid of many talents?

She's pro both under and above water yay

Nyxie looks lovely, I really love her colouring (you all know I'm easy to buy with blue hair Tongue )! While I'm usually not fond of flitters on doll clothes, because they are just too big to be in scale, on her mermaid outfit they look amazing and totally fitting - they are like scales! The colour transfers from blue to that pale greenish yellow are wonderful - the whole outfit is wonderful! LOL
Gnarly Nyxie!

I love this scene!
Ooh, such lovely scenery! Go, Nyxie!
Haha, cute! She is ready to hit the pipeline LOL
Another fan of blue-haired dolls here.
Thanks all for the Nyxie-love, she's a favourite here too.  I was a little bit doubtful about the outfit when I first got it (it was more than I would usually spend on dolly-outfits, but it's hand-made & OOAK)

I've made a thread for the day Grand Final Day but the weekly photo hasn't been included.

Another Rainbow High doll - I had to get a replacement key for my car so went by the toy store while waiting for it.  There was a new line of Rainbow High dolls there - a Cheerleader line.

[Image: 832aa3915ca1e7901409a813edcacaab.jpg]
Skylar Bradshaw is the Blue girl, and this is the (approximate) colours of my club.  We are mostly Navy & White, but we used to have Aqua as well.
She’s very enthusiastic.
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