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Full Version: 2021 Doll-ympics Games
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The dolls (and us) have been having a great time watching talented people play a variety of sports for the last 2 weeks, and the weather was nice enough yesterday for them to stage their own event.  we've tried to cover a bunch of different events with props we already have - I wanted to do cycling, but Elfy thought the ice-cream bike wasn't really suitalble  LOL

Jo-Meg is very passionate about the softball/baseball - she was delighted that Japan won both the softball & baseball (she would have preferred if the Aussie's could have won a medal, but it wasn't to be.
[Image: ba948ad80bb34c3689f108a6980a4c46.jpg]

She's going to practice a lot - she won't be able to play in 2024 (Paris isn't having softball), but there's a chance for 2028 in LA
[Image: 995ef97997a8c1b8b7f06255e7ffa6ea.jpg]
(this is one of my favourite pics I've taken this year  Happy )

Maeve enjoys a round of golf, and wants to know where she can find the super-cool bucket hat that Hannah Green wore in the tournament
[Image: c0b6d6882890068118524dcb5a53e5b79108833a...5h3184.jpg]
[Image: 3866e3ac683f7ddce36b3275379ba492.jpg]

As a bunny, Finn thinks that the jumping - especially the high jump - are made for him.  He's not as organised as the Aussie jumper who won silver, Nicola McDermott - who writes a score in her notebook after each jump about how well she does.
[Image: 8bd7ba2000239af36abd5427a512c3f1.jpg]

Yari was delighted that there was "Spear-throwing" in the Olympics - she is determined to find Kelsey-Lee's "brother" Greg & have words about taking the last piece of beef though LOL

[Image: 55806d76c7471547bedfa4f420243ba0.jpg]

Hattie & Lizette enjoy a spot of badminton between tea-parties
[Image: 2401b615db32b45ec16c60f8773b9630.jpg]

Cherie & Opal participated in the show-jumping, and agreed that the "sumo" wrestler at one of the jumps was quite a shock to see
Sumo Wrestler at Olympics
[Image: 7d26b3845dae1b5624b39acb26a3f71c.jpg]

Surfing & Sailing are always popular with the family - Nyxie isn't allowed to compete in the swimming events so surfing is the next best thing.
[Image: bc1d1cfd058b51f080c9e2dca2360870.jpg]

[Image: 5ae8fb27f594935955536cd4a09618d2.jpg]
Practicing her moves before hitting the waves

The diving inspired Bea a lot.  Becky was very taken with Tom Daley, who was photographed/filmed knitting in the stands watching his fellow divers.
Tom Daley - BBC news link
[Image: f8a3df581745da9828053d11439929b8.jpg]

And finally, the whole lot in the yard.
[Image: 526c15cf334f3b9d7b99dc4abfb3a214.jpg]
The Olympics have been a lot of fun, but I think the Doll-ympics may have even topped the real thing in Tokyo.
What? No skateboarding, a "sport" in which Australia utterly dominated?   LOL

This is such a fun series of photos! I particularly like the sense that multiple events are taking place simultaneously, just as at the human Olympics, where other events can be seen taking place in the background.

I had not heard about the horses being spooked by the giant sumo wrestler!

It was a much better Games than I was ex-pecting, considering the You Know What.

It appears that the Dollympics Games were also socially distanced and attended by few fans other than the press photographers. Next time, I hope to see massive crowds packed in to the stadium as Finn and friends defend their respective titles.
Aww, these are cute! They all made me chuckle. Doll-ympics is a great title. You must have had so much fun doing that; and I know it would be a lot of work to set up all the little props. I can well imagine the horses would be spooked by that figure. Everyone should have had a chance to ride out and look at it. The knitting diver was funny too; I can see why you would enjoy that.
It’s really hard to pick a favourite here; you did a great job replicating so many events.
PTFCo wishes they could send a delegation to your next Doll-ympics. grin
Too cute! Team Lejays and Elfy deserve all the medals smile

I discovered Tom Daley's knitting Instagram account earlier this week and thought of you-- I was going to post about it if you weren't aware.
This is a spectacular photo shoot.
Very creative!  I love all your props.

Sailing never looked so easy!

Thanks for sharing!  Made my day brighter!
Wouldn't it be great if UK Tom Daley knitted little sweaters for your dolls?
Thanks everyone for tge nice words.

It was fun setting everything up with whatever props we could find around the house. We were about halfway through setting everything up when it started misting, and we thought we were going to have to hold an indoors event instead - which would have changed a lot of things.

Some of the shots were old, but worked out well with what we were doing.
These are super cute!! I've never watched even a second of any kind of sport in my life, so I have no idea about anything you are referencing here, but they look like they're having a lot of fun and look adorable doing it!
You (the dolls, Elfy and you) seem to have had a great time setting up the Doll-ympics, and you came up with some very cool preps (I love the high-jump equipment Finn made using your knitting yarn)! I showed the pictures to my dolls in hope some of them gains some interest in sports - none of my crew seems to be too sporty, which is a shame, because they can really see how bad effects it can have when one's a lazy bum like me.
I too haven't heard about the sumo wrestler - it's a fun but weird story. At first, before clicking the ilnk, I thought it will be some random surprise event involving a real sumo wrestler, and started to thikn who it might have been - I used to be an avid sumo wrestling fan in my teens, and I stayed up late to watch tournaments on Eurosport. However, I have gradually lost interest when my favourites retired, and the tournaments became somewhat imbalanced and boring due to a new emerging talent whom I didn't seem to favour. I have completely fallen out of the loop and haven't followed the sport in the past 10 years. I'm pretty sure I don't know any of the current competitors anymore...