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Full Version: Red the Traveling Dal Visits the American Southwest
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15 September - National Felt Hat Day

[Image: 51481155205_45b20c842c_z.jpg]
Conveniently, Red the Traveling Dal's arrival in the state of Utah in the
American Southwest coincided with National Felt Hat Day! Red reminds
everyone* it is time to put away those straw and nylon summer caps and
bring out the heavy-duty felt headgear! Plus, she sez, felt hats are both
practical and stylish when adventure awaits!

*Everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, that is! For those down south, felt hat season is winding down and straw hat season is... in season!
Yay!! I'm looking forward to seeing Red's adventures.
She looks ready to head off into the backcountry... although she might have a wee bit of trouble with those Great Big Boots! LOL
I hope Samantha can also keep track of her friend Red's adventures in the west.
She looks kind of unimpressed, despite the cute outfit and awesome scenery...

Those boots! So big and stompy and cool-looking!
Isn't looking unimpressed what Dals do?
Quote:Isn't looking unimpressed what Dals do?

That is so adorable. Love the little tent and boots.
A Few Days Previously – Red's Arrival:

[Image: 51500778672_6c9cf0f2d2_z.jpg]
Red Arrives in Utah, USA... looking all pink and cute and girly
and packing an Impressive Assortment of Stuff!
She’s picked up swag on the way.
She looks like she’s set to stay for an extended period with all that luggage.
Since I was on the tail end of the exchange with Darla, it's quite funny to see Red somewhere else in a familiar outfit. I'm like "Oh, hey there..." LOL
Ironically, Red's Travels are generating more interest here at Dolly Mixtures... sorry, Dolly Market than they are at her home forum at The Dal House, which is unfortunate.

Whatever... the sooner we get this show on the road the sooner it will be over:

[Image: 51518363269_bc78b805ce.jpg]
"Welcome to... where are we again? Someplace called Utah? What's there to see and do in Utah?"

[Image: 51518562385_55b1a0b3b5.jpg]
"Woo hoo! Flowers! Yipee! Sunflowers, I think!
You told me to change out of my 'girly traveling clothes' and then you show me flowers?
'Kay, I've already seen lots of flowers on this trip. What else ya got around here?"

[Image: 51517646971_bcb6f8d1a6.jpg]
"Looks like I get my own car while I'm here! That might be fun... as soon as I figure out how to drive a stick shift! And it's a camera car, so I hope there's something worth taking pictures of... other than flowers! But first..."

[Image: 51518362259_c7aba97e3d.jpg]
"... we'll stop for lunch. This joint is actually a two hour drive from where I'm staying. Pretty much everything is an hour or two drive from where I'm staying. By the time you finish your lunch and drive home it's time to start driving again to go get dinner!"

[Image: 51517646296_82c9e2c693.jpg]
"What will this trip to... where are we again? Oh, yeah, Utah... whatever that is. What will this trip have in store? Let's fold the restaurant menu in to a fortune teller and find out! Let me see... three... one, two three! Green... g,r,e,e,n... Zuppa Toscana and Fettuccini Alfredo? I just had that! This fortune teller must be stuck in reverse! But at least it's accurate! I guess we'll just have to take things as they unfold. Get it? Unfold? Because I folded the... okay, never mind!"
Yay! Happy to see Red having some adventures. At least you don't have to spend 3 hours on a ferry to eat somewhere different xp
Love the hat on her. And we know she likes driving LOL
(09-26-2021, 03:48 PM)Alliecat Wrote: [ -> ]At least you don't have to spend 3 hours on a ferry to eat somewhere different.

Do they offer snacks or sandwiches on the ferry? (I bet they did in the 'olden dayes' before stupidity took over.) So you could actually have lunch on the ferry, then supper on the mainland, then dessert on the return ferry! That sounds like fun!
Oh, don’t get me started… As of last week certain people are no longer permitted to use the cafeteria or eat on the ferry.
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