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Full Version: ~dargosmydaddy's a-doll-a-week 2022~
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Pretty portraits. What a cute flower dress. And yes, you can certainly see the progression to autumn with their outfits.
Week thirty-eight
Finally feels like fall...

[Image: 110257226_bc801387c2f502fe9807fa1a70c6d0ec_large.jpg]
He looks rather sad and worried to me… Kind of how I feel about the arrival of fall.
What a cute wreath. I wouldn’t have thought of bright blue in an autumn wreath, but it’s a great colour combination. Did you make it?
The wreath is colorful and fun. Are those felt leaves?

Blue-eyed boy looks like he's wondering which camera he's supposed to be looking at.
I did not make the wreath, but I liked its interesting mix of colors. And yes, the leaves are felt.

Playing catch-up again... Dead

Week thirty-nine
[Image: 111485832_163dd96457115ee7b854cafe2849507b_large.jpg]

Week forty
[Image: 111485732_3829aa51cf412ebcfb47027bf95fd944_large.jpg]

Week forty-one
[Image: 111558647_18b6da21cd1985bfa042e29192a5d38a_large.jpg]
The pumpkin pic is über-squee grade cute, with the bright fall colors, the funny tall stem, and the cute autumn trees pattern on her dress (with coordinating belt).

I love the moody illumination in the crystal ball image.

And OMG those deep brown eyes and the splash of faint freckles = TOTAL Heart 2 Heart 2 Heart 2 Heart 2 Heart 2
Yay for trying a low light pic! Everything matches so well, the crackle glass, the mottled background, and the buttons on her top echo the background too.
What a cute lil pumpkin, and the flowers make a great backdrop for your freckled girl. Maybe I said it about her before, but I am really not a fan of overdone freckles on dolls -- these are perfect smile
Week forty-two
[Image: 111485798_cc55806facbddda6b79eb308659fe782_large.jpg]
Great colour matches as always; even the background! Did you make the dress?
The image is not loading for me. I'll have to check back later -- could be my Internet connection.
Quote:Did you make the dress?

It's an ebay find from last year; a Blythe dress.

Week forty-three
I'm kind of wishing I had dressed her in white instead...
[Image: 111892006_508c598223f7b31228ec8d5d93c0ccdb_large.jpg]
Okay.... this pic and dolly are instant Heart 2 !!!!!
Very cute. I like her sideways glance.
Week Forty-four
[Image: 112521428_4e288db0a312155ab4c54c126db8e37a_large.jpg]
Handsome guy!
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