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Another year, another challenge!  I hope to photograph some of my other dolls this year - my EAH don't get much love any more, they're upstairs & mostly out of sight, out of mind.

However, we are starting off the year with Pullips, specifically one of the new ones - Arianwen (Sailor Mercury).  She had her forst trip to the beach this weekend, and also was involved in the ice-cream party on the deck that Felicity organised.

[Image: 134214_760.jpg]
On the post, overlooking the beach.

[Image: 134459_760.jpg]
With a pretty shell she found.

[Image: 133502_760.jpg]
With all the guests at the party - Edith, Arianwen, Nyxie, Ester, Felicity.

[Image: 133196_760.jpg]
"Pass it over Edith!"

[Image: 132642_760.jpg]
Delicious on a hot day

[Image: 134047_760.jpg]
Enjoying the swing with my sis (and the yummy icecreams)
Ari has certainly had a full first week with her new family.
Arianwen is much cuter in her new outfit than as a sailor scout. Her makeover is quite impressive, and the rather "retro" look you've put together for her is perfect! She's quite an ex-pressive little thing, too, bubbling with personality! What a fun addition to the crew!
She is super cute. I love her little smile and perky ex-pression. And of course, blue hair!! grin
The beach looks lovely!
The backyard party is fun... I like her sunnies and it's nice she's enjoying herself with her new friends.
And YAY for another year of ADAW!
Aw, she's lovely! I love how BLUE the first two shots are, with her hair and the water and the sky.

It's been dreary here for over a week. I miss blue skies.
Super cute shots!!
(01-04-2022, 08:12 AM)dargosmydaddy Wrote: [ -> ]Aw, she's lovely! I love how BLUE the first two shots are, with her hair and the water and the sky.

It's been dreary here for over a week. I miss blue skies.

Was an awesome day for the beach that day. Not too hot or cold.
Thanks everyone - it was a great day at the beach, not too hot that we couldn't sit out (well, not for long cos we're Aussies, and know how dumb that can be here), and the beach wasn't very crowded on the side we were on.

And the ice-cream party was a lot of fun to set up, we should try & do things like that more often.
Like Elfy, life happened last week so I didn't post my photo.  So you get 2 this week!

Elfy spoils me for special occassions.  This year for my birthday, he bought me another Gorjuss doll for the collection/

This is Little Violet - she isn't out of her box yet as we were away at the time.  She will be soon & I'll take another shot with them all together,
[Image: 137112_640.jpg]

And this weekend we went to a market as my softball games had been cancelled, and I bought a crochet donkey - I aim to be able to do these at some point, but at the moment I'm practicing on bags & blankets, where tension doesn't matter as much.

[Image: 137287_760.jpg]
George & the new donkey 0 name to be determined yet.
Ah, so Donkey is destined to serve as a pattern at some point!

Creating a three dimensional structure out of string like that seems like an arcane craft somewhat akin to magic!

Do all Gorgjuss dolls have stripey socks? Is that one of their style hallmarks?
Happy Belated Birthday, and congrats on the new arrival. Little Violet's outfit is cute.
I finally googled to sort out amigurumi vs. crochet.
The donkey looks like quite a challenge, but I bet it will be fun for you to try making one.
oh dear, not even a month in, and I'm already behind with the weekly shots! LOL

Last week's shot is Amelia wearing a Dalek tshirt - which i received from dargosmydaddy as a complete surprise!  she sent a Christmas card with the tshirt & some other geeky transfers (that I need to buy some tshirts to put them on).

[Image: 138363_760.jpg]

And in an effort to take photos of some of my other toys & bears & stuff, I wandered around to the house to see what I could find  Sweatdrop

Here are a couple of souvenier bears we got at the Tower of London in 2014.  One is Henry VIII, and the other is a Beefeater.
[Image: 138814_760.jpg]

And single portraits
[Image: 138556_760.jpg]

[Image: 138107_760.jpg]

Toy bears are my first toy-love, way before dolls.  I may try to do some of them as well this year.  (I should put in my knitting project diary what photos to do each week, so I don't forget these brilliant ideas).
The bears are very cute. London was quite the bear spree if I remember correctly. Amelia is justifiably proud of her Dalek shirt.
Dalek shirt... and a TARDIS!

Or... is it a regular police box? It's difficult to remember, sometimes, considering how ubiquitous the TARDIS imagery has become, that the TARDIS was originally meant to be disguised as a commonplace object that nobody would glance at twice.

A trip to London, in the Before Times! That must have been glorious good fun!
I worked with a lady who lived in London in the ‘60’s and she said police boxes were a common sight.
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