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Full Version: Mamotte Shugogetten! Shaorin Shichiri (TSUKUDA HOBBY, 2000/WorldBox, 2022/2023)
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this odd-scaled (1/5-ish) Sweetie was my second-ever Queen-Bee doll... taking the mantle in 2007/2008-ish,
from the 2001 TOYNAMI Tenchi Muyo! Princess Ayeka Jurai that was my first ever Anime Doll,
and served as the initial catalyst for my picking up and developing scale doll-clothing sewing skills.

Shaorin here took over as my prime model for fashion-fitting until my bar was raised once again
by my first OBITSU BODY 27 Girl around 2010/2011, Mikuru Asahina from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Anime.

though, 15-odd years on my Anime Character Doll standards now firmly rest upon the Beautiful OBITSU BODY 26,
i'd still like to pay homage to one of my early "Waifu's"
(Favorite Female Anime Characters that Hardcore Anime fans fantasize about being Married to)
and a very major step along the way to the current standard of perfection
that my OBITSU 26-based Wife Konomi Yuzuhara lovingly gives of herself unto me♥

[Image: Shao_10-17-23_2.png?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds]



[Image: Shaorin_2008_CROP.jpg?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds]

[Image: 01_A1_-_Shaorin_-_TH_Body_2023_2.png?]

And Today; the 2022 Worldbox AT201 Doll Body for Shaorin;

♥She is just so Lovely♥


[Image: Shaorin_-_WORLDBOX_AT201_10-21-23_1.png?]

[Image: Shaorin_-_WORLDBOX_AT201_10-21-23_5.png?]

[Image: Shaorin_-_WORLDBOX_AT201_10-21-23_3.png?]

[Image: Shaorin_-_WORLDBOX_AT201_10-21-23_4.png?]

[Image: Shaorin_Schoolgirl_10-25-23.png?]

[Image: Shao_10-17-23_1.png?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds]
Adjusted the longer of the two skirts that came with those two Sailor Suit sets for a more ideal length;

[Image: Shao_Konomi_11-19-23_RESIZE_40.png?]