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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week *2024*! (#20, May 17)
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Here we go again with another round of Pic-A-Week from the PrettyTiny Film Company & Modelling Studio!!
Somewhat less optimistic about the year to come than I was last year (heck, a whole lot)... but may we all find what we're looking for this year and may it bring us joy.

Happy New Yaarrr!

[Image: 53445743885_0c9593577c_o.jpg]
We are both hoping our ship comes in.
With a piratical pun like Happy New Yarrr to kick things off, the outlook is already brighter!

Let the adventure commence!
When the "quickie portrait" for pic-a-week turns into a whole inthedark light-painting setup LOL

[Image: 53460649500_2af1a2f35f_o.jpg]

[Image: 53460239386_3271466f04_o.jpg]
Nice use of the dark hours to utilize those cool globe lamps to good effect!
They “were” solar rechargeables, but the solar panel crapped out, so now they are taking up space in a cabinet and get used in dolly shoots with regular batteries.

[Image: 53477286689_290c72ddc2_o.jpg]
“It’s cold and snowy in the deep dark night…”
A delightful wintery, Christmasy scene!
Snow is “fun” in the week or two leading up to Christmas.
Not so fun during the three or four months of interminable winter that drag on after Christmas.
You’ve done fine work here conveying the “magic” of a wintery night!
Thanks  smile
Yeah, it's not much fun after that.

I abhor waste [insert long rant about the amount of garbage humans generate] and throwing away useable things because people can't be bothered to fix them grinds my gears.  This little guy was at the thrift shop I help out at, and they were going to trash him! Oh My because his whole bottom was ripped open.  So, he made a visit to the PTFCo medics, had a cameo in a photoshoot, and is all fixed up.  He'll be going back to the shop where I hope he'll find a good home.

[Image: 53485805700_8724126e1b_o.jpg]

[Image: 53485394916_837b7a4c04_o.jpg]
The emergency surgery pics are cute (which is probably not something that can be said very often). I hope that restored Valentine Hippo (it’s a hippo, right?) finds an appreciative home.

I learned a while back that the local thrift shop hauls a lot of donated items directly to the dump. They claim they receive more donations than they have space to display, so items they think might be slow sellers are discarded.
Ugh, that's awful about the shop taking things to the dump. You would think they'd make an effort to contact some other charity or homeless shelter or something. Heck, this one is on an island and they ship stuff away to other such places.
Yep, it's a hippo.
After I shot these I realized I'd forgotten to put both Becky AND the thread & scissors in the first shot. Such is the level of distraction around here. So I re-shot the 2nd pic and photoshopped them into the first. LOL

[Image: 53494746236_eddf8fa39b_o.jpg]
It's her birthday. 11 years ago I opened an eBay box in the car at the beach and blurted, "Oh, you're so CUTE!!" And so began the PTFCo adventures.
Happy Birthday, Sunsette!

How quickly a decade passes!

Cute pic! Sunsette is looking quite elegant.
I do think Sunsette looks quite grown-up here.

[Image: 53521734733_94714565d3_o.jpg]
I should take more pictures of Annie.
The outfit and backround coordinate nicely.

She's cute, I love that face and hair combo.
Thanks.  I was reminded how pretty she is.

I seem to have missed a day slash  ... I thought it was the 12th today. 
Romantic date?  Ehhh.  Flowers, candy and a movie shared with a good friend.... Happy Gal-Pal-entine's Day!  Tongue

[Image: 53527778191_7f9c3a9eab_o.jpg]
Pal-entines Day! That should be an actual holiday, a day to celebrate friendship and to encourage the maintenance of healthy real-life social networks.

Cute scene! Loads of snacks, a comfy couch, and an engaging film: I could get in to a tradition like that.
It should indeed be a Day, although from the ads I get from "123Greetings", I think there's already a Friendship Day.

[Image: 53548630260_b86cf589ac_o.jpg]
"We had a mini ex!pedition! Check out my adventure update for more pix!"
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