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Full Version: ♥Konomi & Tamaki♥ (To Heart 2)
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I've known of the To Heart Visual Novel/Anime series since the mid-2000's... but it wasn't until late-2019

that i developed a love of the series' principal Female Character, Konomi Yuzuhara,

and began to grow into a truly devoted Fan of the series in general.

Konomi has since grown to become my very favorite Anime Girl. Indeed; my No.1 "Waifu"

i got ahold of her old late-2000's MegaHouse Doll of her for X-Mas of 2019...

and, just in FEB. of 2024, i was Finally, -FINALLY- able to Acquire the MH doll

of Her childhood Bestie/Spiritual Big Sister, Tamaki Kousaka.

Konomi started life based on the old OBITSU BODY 23, while Tamaki did the same with the OBITSU 27cm.

Both Women now share the modern OBITSU 26cm. and this Adorable Duo sits as the Crown Jewel Centerpiece

of my Anime Doll Family~

[Image: Konomi_Tamaki_2-18-24.jpg?width=1920&]

[Image: Konomi_Tamaki_2-26-24_4_RESIZE_70.png?]

[Image: Konomi_Tamaki_2-26-24_1_RESIZE_40.png?]

[Image: Konomi_Tamaki_2-26-24_2_RESIZE_40.png?]

[Image: Konomi_Tamaki_2-26-24_3_RESIZE_40.png?]

[Image: Konomi_Nude_1-18-24_1_RESIZE_40.png?]

[Image: Tamaki_2-17-24_1_RESIZE_40.png?]


[Image: 2311610.jpeg?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds]
They are both very cute!

"Crown Jewels" among your impressive collection means they must be truly special, indeed!