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Full Version: Price check for Nana-chan, several Dals, Byul Hermine
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Price check for several dolls:
* Pullip Nana-chan, complete stock almost mint
* Pullip Classical Queen (black vers), rebodied onto black barbie body and head blushed (custom) rechipped, rewigged, full stock(?) except wig
* Dal Jolie, possibly rebodied(?) complete stock
* Dal Hanaayame, rechipped, rebodied, complete stock
* Byul Hermine, nude, broken leg but might be able to harvest from others
* Dal Tweety, nude(?) (my sister might have the stock? I have her shoes) rechipped, maybe bald(? should check...)
* Dal Darony (nude, bald, rebodied, rechipped)

I have tons of wigs, too. Selling almost everything (may keep one.)
Are you still on FB?  You could ask in Pullip & Dolly Kingdom formerly known as Omocha Crush.
I'm assuming you've checked sold listings on eBay, and maybe Mandarake?
I quit fb years ago. But thanks.
I've been dropping most of them on eBay.
Ah, OK. I could ask for you but if you are already listing on eBay it sounds like you’ve got your price info.