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Full Version: Licca - Miko of Hie Shrine/Multi Karusugawa (To Heart)
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[Image: Miko_of_Hie_Shrine_16.jpg?width=1920&]

[Image: Miko_of_Hie_Shrine_17.jpg?width=1920&]

Picked this Special Ed. TAKARA Licca up in March for fairly cheap from a JPN source.

She Appealed to me, as i have been looking for a Japanese Shrine Maiden (Miko) outfit
for my OBITSU 26 custom-bodied VOLKS To Heart Multi Karusugawa for some time now.

i just recently Finished extensive modifications on the upper, "Hikama" half for a better fit,
and i had to source the lower "Skirt" half from another, far larger doll, extensively modifying that too in the process. Also, i had to make her proper "Tabi" Socks from scratch.

All this Work... i suppose i almost could have made the outfit from scratch nearly as easily.

Well, You Live and you Learn. this was my very first Licca doll; and i presumed Licca Fashions would translate to an OBITSU 26 doll with minimum of fuss... i was Wrong.

at any rate, i was able to successfully salvage a bad situation...
and Sweet, Innocent Multi here finally has the lovely Miko outfit she was asking for♥

[Image: Multi_Karusugawa_4-16-24_RESIZE_50.png?]

[Image: tumblr_no08ll9ok01unru2vo1_640.png?]

That was an Adventure in Situation Salvage! The final result is gorgeous! You seem to have mad skillz when it comes to modifying doll fashions. Yeah, it does sound like it would have been easier to make everything from scratch... after the fact. But you had the original to work from to give you an idea of what to do, so... next time you'll know!
Ah it's cute.