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RE: Hina Ichigo's Feedback - MissMandyLynne - 11-10-2016

+2 for perfect sales!

Traded with me where I got a Mercury in pretty great condition worth an awesome wig. Then we traded for a custom Pullip I had for sale where I got a NIB Hednar. Thanks again grin

RE: Hina Ichigo's Feedback - fishy - 07-15-2017

+1 as a seller. Thanks so much for waiting until I could pay for the doll! :')

RE: Hina Ichigo's Feedback - kitten-squid - 04-04-2018

+1 for a stellar buyer, was absolutely lovely to work with. Thanks again so very much!

RE: Hina Ichigo's Feedback - torythehuman - 01-29-2019

+1 as a seller - I bought a couple Little Pullips from her collection sale. We agreed on a fair price, and items were shipped the day after payment. Dolls arrived well-packaged and in good condition. Would buy from again!

RE: Hina Ichigo's Feedback - ducktape - 04-17-2020

+1 as a seller; this is very long overdue feedback. I bought a couple used dolls (Bald Raphia, Nude Wind) from her over a year ago via Facebook and they arrived well packed and just as described. Sorry for not getting feedback over sooner!

(I've really become fond of Wind, I never knew how much character the type 1 body had. And her hair! <3 She has recently been clothed in Assa's stock and it suits her perfectly other than being a bit big.)