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RE: Feedback For Wampirencja; 16 positive / 0 negative - joyinthedance - 03-13-2010

+1 as a seller! I love the little hoodie you sent me. Thanks a lot! smile

RE: Feedback For Wampirencja; 16 positive / 0 negative - KiraKira - 03-13-2010

+2 for being a great seller.

I purchased MJ's jacket & Sage's shirt from her. She shipped quickly but USPS customs held it for the longest time.

I finally got it today. The delay was not her fault.

And the items are perfect. Thank you!

RE: Feedback For Wampirencja; 16 positive / 0 negative - Khait - 03-23-2010

+1 seller. Commissioned her to make me a taeyang shirt and it is wonderful! Thanks soo much!

RE: Feedback For Wampirencja; 16 positive / 0 negative - sjsimpson - 03-23-2010

+1 as a seller yay
I bought a taeyang hoodie from Wampirencja and, despite some minor technical difficulties, it finally arrived in perfect condition and much faster than I expected Happy Thank you!

RE: Feedback For Wampirencja; 16 positive / 0 negative - RacerGT - 06-10-2010

+1 as a Wonderful Seller. She sent me a lovely little dress and so quickly, since I live in California USA... Thanks again!!

RE: Feedback For Wampirencja; 16 positive / 0 negative - Sour chan - 07-01-2010

+1 ,Really kind and awesome person to buy from ,I've got everything super fast ! Thank you so much ^^

RE: Feedback For Wampirencja; 16 positive / 0 negative - kaela - 07-01-2010

The clothes for my tae arrived today!
I comissioned an outfit and it turned out wonderful!
Very nice contact and fast delivery- many many thanks!! ^^

RE: Feedback For Wampirencja - Faekyri - 07-28-2010

+1 thanks very much for Butler's card.

RE: Feedback For Wampirencja - riru - 10-06-2010

+1 positive!

Exceptionally fast international shipping, all items are very cute and unique and nicely priced! Thank you! :]

RE: Feedback For Wampirencja - cmair1202 - 05-10-2011

+1 purchased Kaela's wig received it today, every well packaged.

RE: Feedback For Wampirencja - MissMandyLynne - 05-13-2011

+1 for a great trade

decided to trade an obitsu body with me for one of her home-made outfits - and she offered to send it ahead of time even though i wont be getting the body untill Puddle - such a great person yay

RE: Feedback For Wampirencja - nomore_noless - 05-23-2011

+1 for a wonderful trade!
I traded a wig for trousers and a plaid shirt -- both FANTASTIC items, and my boys (and I) really love them! The shirt looks great with jeans or shorts. The trousers are not only adorable but are really useful and look great with a variety of styles of shirt/shoes.

I am very, very happy with this trade. She was lovely to deal with throughout the entire transaction and I would definitely recommend her work to everyone. smile
Thanks again!!! grin

RE: Feedback For Wampirencja - Prince Pacchan - 05-28-2011

+1 for being a great seller! I recieved the two wigs I bought two days after shipping! smile

RE: Feedback For Wampirencja - joyinthedance - 05-31-2011

+1 as a buyer! Friendly, good communication, fast payment. Thanks!

RE: Feedback For Wampirencja - HySl - 06-04-2011

+1 as a super-awesome seller!

I bought Kaela's stock and she was friendly, great communication, fast shipping... Everything was perfect finally. I'd definitely work with her again! THANKS! 100 % recommended! :-)