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Mamasllama's Feedback - mamasllama - 04-15-2008

My feedback:

Positive +12
Neutral 0
Negative 0

mamasllama aka Kathy

- mamasllama - 04-15-2008

I'm adding the link to my ebay feedback...I have 160 positives over a nine year period, mostly as a buyer

- Kittybongo - 04-21-2008

+ 1 positive feedback for Mamasllama!

She bought a ChinaChina wig from me and was excellent to deal with! The transaction went very smoothly. She paid very quickly, kept communication, and let me know when the wig arrived. I could not be more pleased with a transaction!

- wombatgirl - 05-07-2008

+1 as buyer. Just bought a Cornice wig from me and was very lovely to deal with.


- burntbao - 06-20-2008

+1 for a wonderful buyer! Very nice great communication!!

Come back again!!

- burntbao - 08-16-2008

+1 as always a perfect buyer, speedy payment and super nice. Thanks again!!!

- Blahdybloo - 08-23-2008

A very good, and patient buyer

smile +1

- loyalheart - 10-07-2008

+1 Fantastic Buyer! Wonderful Communication & a real pleasure to talk to! Thank you for buying from me!


- Marryth - 10-14-2008

+1 as a buyer! Prompt payment, great communication and a super nice person! Thanks! ^__^

- miomo - 11-30-2008

+1 as buyer

Reliable Customer. Quick Replies & Payment. Very Sweet & a pleasant transaction.
I highly recommend mamasllama to anyone who wishes to do business with a wonderful person!!! <3

- sleepypanda86 - 12-16-2008

+ 1 as a buyer

great communication and very friendly.

highly recommended!

thank you so much!

:sp 6:

- DallyDoll - 03-21-2009

+1 as a seller. Adopted Mercu and she's so happy to be back with her sister, Jupi. Thanks, Kathy!!

- Leannarchy - 04-15-2009

+1 positive for a wonderful trade. thanks so much!

RE: Mamasllama's Feedback - twinkle_eyed - 08-10-2009

+1 as seller!

I bought Hello Kitty from mamasllama and am very pleased with the whole transaction!! HK is lovely and just what I was looking for! She was very well packaged and shipped quickly! Kathy kept in contact with me through the whole transaction, and is super sweet and a pleasure to work with! Thank you so much!!

RE: Mamasllama's Feedback - sjsimpson - 06-24-2010

+1 as a buyer smile
Great communication, fast payment, and a wonderful person to deal with!