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You And Your Dolls - Kanamai - 12-25-2008

Posted Image
rpb3000 and Rei

Posted Image
rpb3000 and Ryuu

Posted Image
Tsuki and I

I will post some updated pictures later this week. The only one that is recent here is the first picture. The other two are from back in the Spring.

- momopinku - 04-04-2009

Posted Image

le petit bonjour chat, brigitte et moi.

- lady_028 - 06-09-2009

Posted Image

RE: You And Your Dolls - atomicx6 - 08-07-2009

me and frankie right after deboxing. we matched Happy

[Image: 3795106195_60f4546400.jpg]

RE: You And Your Dolls - Frogprincess - 01-02-2010

this is me, yesterday at new years eve with my firt girl philoemna (a kaela)

[Image: IMG_6136.jpg]

RE: You And Your Dolls - BaniaFeb6 - 02-27-2010

in a Harajuku Mexico meeting
[Image: harajuku.jpg]

RE: You And Your Dolls - Merzedes - 06-22-2010

This is Candy and me discussing about who is going to drive ..... well, I won Tongue

[Image: 4675607956_8bccf166f9_b.jpg]

RE: You And Your Dolls - nenstra - 07-17-2010

Old&crummy webcam pic:
[Image: PennyNPullips.jpg]
Old old old of me&Scarlet in her stock wig:
[Image: 001-11.jpg]

RE: You And Your Dolls - kiwi-chan - 08-13-2010

me and my selfmade bjd (i had purple pinkish hair and tried to look like herxD)

RE: You And Your Dolls - Duskkodesh - 08-30-2010

Yay, I finally have a pic good enough to post here!

This is me holding Dawn and my BF Michael holding Mick. We were at a mini-golf course. XD
[Image: DSCF4926.jpg]

RE: You And Your Dolls - MissMandyLynne - 08-30-2010

awe how cute - i didnt know that both of them were mini versions of you two - so awesome yay

RE: You And Your Dolls - rawrgoesskyy - 08-30-2010

{I'll post as SOON AS I CAN!!!!}
{Skyy+Grace...Just imagine it...please??}

EDIT: I've taken piccies, I'll upload them as soon as I can!!!

RE: You And Your Dolls - Hannahnoface - 09-03-2010

bad picture but here's me and the Isolde's XD

[Image: Photoon2010-08-27at02213.jpg]

RE: You And Your Dolls - Zuley - 11-14-2010

This is me and AĆ­ne
Aine and me 008

RE: You And Your Dolls - Nytherial - 03-01-2011


A portrait my boyfriend took of me with most of my Pullip family. smile