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Panda - Praeludere - 01-20-2009

I've been considering getting Panda for a while but I've never been too big on spending a whole lot on a doll. I know she had been going between $130 - $160 a few months ago but there were still some not selling. So I was wondering what the price range would be for her?

- pairofwings - 01-20-2009

is she complete? In what condition?


- missmollymayhem - 01-20-2009

Nude I have seen her for about $125ish- I paid $220 for my complete with box Panda one year ago

- snowman - 01-20-2009

I sold my NRFB Pullip Panda for £150 2 months ago.....

- MLPlyte - 02-26-2009

Is this for the Little Panda, or is there a big Panda as well? (Sorry, I'm new >.<)

- crazykimochi - 02-26-2009

I know a friend who purchase Panda for $90 nude, not too long ago~ ^^

- tehpanda - 02-26-2009

I purchased my Panda for $135 + S/H on layaway (Oct 08/Jan 09), and at the time that was pretty standard pricing for a Panda. Dunno about right now though.

Edit (Feb 28): My Panda was nude, by the way. I'm pretty sure her wig had never been removed, as well.

- vanie - 02-26-2009

I bought my panda used, but complete about wow, two years ago (March 2007) for $150. She was in higher demand at the time though.

- angelberries - 03-03-2009

Does anyone feel that a nude Panda would be a fair enough trade for a complete Adsiltia? I've never gotten on with my Panda, and Addy is about the only doll I'm after right now. (except Blythe Miss Sally Rice)

- missmollymayhem - 03-03-2009

I'd say a nude Panda would be worth about $100- $120, depending on her condition- Astilda is a $90 doll, isn't she? So that would be fair, IMO

- angelberries - 03-03-2009

Adsiltia is $110, isn't she? Plus shipping to me is like $30+, so Addy is an expensive doll to me at least.

- missmollymayhem - 03-03-2009

I am pathetically not up to date on the newer Pullips, I was thinking of a different doll >.> You'd come pretty close if you sold your panda and then bought the one you wanted, or maybe if you found her used you'd come even closer.... someone out there might be willing to go straight across, though, ya never know!

- Joanne - 03-08-2009

I'm sorry, but I can't help you
But $150 is OK, isn't it

- JENNYFUR - 03-31-2009

How floppy is his body??

- diamondriver - 06-07-2009

how much would i be able to get for my Panda? she is removed from boxed but hardly ever 'played with', just stored in a box so i would say still in mint condition. i have everything she came with(box and card etc).
if a nude would go for about 100, could i ask 150? though i've also seen some people say that she would be worth 200-250..
thanks in advance!