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price for street (in twp parts) - trippytroll - 02-06-2009

can anyone give me aguideline for street nude she is in two parts as my son broke her heaf off the day after i got her, hence why im selling cos i cannae fix her thank you

- birdie - 02-06-2009

Could you provice a picture of the damage? The way it's done would strongly affect the price.

- Yukittie - 02-06-2009

Street is difficult because she's rare, so a picture would be fantastic <3

- missmollymayhem - 02-09-2009

She's not a total loss- her body often has neck breaks due to poor craftmanship! If you wanted to keep her you could buy an Obitsu body for about $25, OR you could just fix her neck using this tutorial:

If you wanted to sell her in two pieces.... I'd say about $60 for both pieces or $50 for just her head.

I put my Street's head on a type 3 body- it took a little time and a drill (the neck peg is wider on type 3) but she came out beautiful, IMHO

Posted Image

- Yukittie - 02-09-2009

Euhm you can get a lot more money than 50 Dollar for her head, sorry I don't want to be rude but I've seen her a few weeks ago being sold for 220 Euro on Ebay, so if I'm 100% sure about this, I know 220 Euro sounds way too much for her but 50 Dollar is way too less even for only her head you could easily get 50 Euro for her head, probably more if you put her on Ebay.

But if you give her an Obitsu body or a new type 1 body (which isn't broken) before you sell her you could get more, just my 2 cents.

- trippytroll - 02-10-2009

yes i have some pics that i can put on, shes in good nick apart from that as she was mib when i got her, i was told it is quite a common occurence for this to happen to street pullips and its mega easy to get sorted i would dearly love to keep her as she was one of my grails but i just cannot fix her, the break is in the loopy bit on her neck part of it has broken off (the bit that slots into the body) so i am totally gutted
when i get a min i will post the pics of her

- missmollymayhem - 02-10-2009

220 Euro (which is currently $283.58USD) is WAY more than she's currently worth- whoever paid that has more money than sense. I paid $125 for mine, MIB and complete. Most importantly we've got to keep in mind that we're talking about a broken doll in this case.

I was unable to find the listing you were talking about on ebay, but here is the most recent listing I could find, in USD: ($120, complete and in mint condition)

Considering that this is a broken doll that needs repair..... I still say $50 for just the head would be fair. Put her on an obitsu, on the other hand, and you'd get quite a bit more- possibly $100 nude. I honestly don't think you'd find a buyer for much more than that unless you fix her/get her fixed.

- missmollymayhem - 02-10-2009

Feb 9 2009, 11:38 PM
i would dearly love to keep her as she was one of my grails but i just cannot fix her, the break is in the loopy bit on her neck part of it has broken off (the bit that slots into the body)
Did you look at the tutorial I posted? They are replacing the entire neck post (the bit that attaches the head and goes down into the body), which sounds like would fix your dollie. If you don't want to try that... putting her on an Obitsu body is VERY easy, and would also fix this issue. I know it is frustrating to have her be broken- but there are fixes out there that would make it so you could keep her!

Pullip Street...w/haircut? - barbgirl1999 - 03-06-2009

I'm this girl's second owner, I believe...I'm not sure if she's had a haircut or not, I know I never cut it, and her previous owner never mentioned it. I've had her for a while, and never noticed until it was brought to my attention that the hairs under her bangs look like they've been cut. How much do you think this would affect her value? Oh, and it should also be considered that I do have her shirt, pants, and skateboard to factor into her price.

Thanks! Any help is appreciated grin

Posted Image

Street - Quatara - 04-17-2009

I was wondering how much Street was worth. She's going for really cheap, mint in box for around 60 dollars (includes shipping, actual price is 32 dollars). Is this fair to buyer and seller? I really like Street, and I just have to save up some money to buy her. :sp 2:

- Yukittie - 04-17-2009

Euh 60 Dollar shipped would be like the best deal ever, get her while you can!

- Loa - 04-17-2009

MIB for $32 excluding shipping? That's a little TOO cheap for the seller.

- zetoast - 04-18-2009

I found that auction (on ebay).

It's an auction that ends in aprox. 2.5 days. I expect that the price will go up to at least $100 excluding shipping; and that's if people don't really see it.

- blackcat - 04-19-2009

What does a NRFB Street go for on average?

- alldolledup - 04-20-2009

I just got another NRFB Street on Ebay this week for 126.00 shipped from Korea