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Greggia - smilingxcat - 02-19-2009

How much would a pre-loved Greggia cost?
I've seen them listed on Ebay for $230-$250 NRFB, but I was wondering about the price of a deboxed girl.
(Or, even with incomplete stock, or nude... or just the head? <img src=" /> )

Just wondering how much I should be stashing away in the dolly fund. grin
--Thanks! <3

- vanie - 02-20-2009

I got her around a year ago for about $120 shipped within the US complete in box (stock, card, etc). Not sure how much she goes for now, but I can't imagine her for any more than $100 nude. ^^;

- Little_red_monkey - 02-21-2009

I sold mine about 6 months ago in mint condition with full stock, card, box etc... for $150. Hope that helps

- blythe blythe - 02-21-2009

I got one nude last Decemeber for $90 smile

- smilingxcat - 02-21-2009

Awesome! Thanks everyone. :3
Those prices seem pretty manageable. I'm excited now. >w<
Now, after I get the girls I've been wanting for a while, I'll start on the Greggia fund! grin

Partial Greggia Stock? - AlisonDanger - 04-25-2009

I have Greggia's partial stock that I'm debating selling, but I'm not set on it yet. I was wondering what I could ask for it.

I have:
Ram Hood
Vest thing
Leg Warmers


RE: Greggia - holyponiesbatman - 06-09-2010

Does anyone know what a nude/bald Greggia goes for these days? I'm thinking of letting mine go, but not sure of an asking price.

RE: Greggia - McKenna - 06-10-2010

I'm guessing just from reading the above posts that she'd go for $90-100 being that she's nude/bald. Over $100 seems too much though, IMO.

RE: Greggia - Little_red_monkey - 07-13-2010

A nude bald greggia would be about $80 - $90, and her stock would be about $40

RE: Greggia - lilbrokenragdoll - 11-12-2010


Any idea how much Greggia's complete stock would go for (including her plushie)?


RE: Greggia - Chihiro - 11-13-2010

It's usually $90 for the doll and $40/50 for her stock depending on the condition =)

RE: Greggia - ridella - 12-08-2010

Im selling my nude yet perfect Greggia, for $150 in the US. ive never removed her wig, or obitsue'd her and NRFB shes selling at pullipstyle for $175. so for a PERFECT Greggia in tact nude thats a very fair price. Im not going to lower my price and shes already listed so if yours is in as good of shape id suggest the same price, maybe $130 if her wig has been removed

RE: Greggia - Chihiro - 12-08-2010

But her stock is usually a big part of her price, that's why most nude Greggia's go for around $90-100.
I sold mine for $140 I think - $90 for the doll and $50 for her stock and card.

Your girl is gorgeous and makes me miss mine lol T_T Good luck with your sale!

RE: Greggia - birdie - 12-08-2010

I have to agree with Chihiro - based on a split of 60/40 you end up at $105, and with Greggia's stock outfit being so sought after, a split based on 50/50 is actually more realistic ($87.50). She's a gorgeous doll, but $150 will most probably not sell her. Perhaps if you put her on eBay or Blythe Kingdom! smile

RE: Greggia - lilbrokenragdoll - 12-09-2010

Chiming in here to agree with Chihiro and Birdie...I just sold my nude Greggia for $90, and I have her stock listed at $40 here, and it still hasn't sold!

Good luck with your sale! Your gal is lovely!yay