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Feedback For PBnJ - PBnJ - 03-04-2009

Wanna leave me feedback on a B/S/T? Here's the place to do it!

Positive: 12 total; 4 (buy) 8 (trade)
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback! <3

- Traggie - 04-07-2009

+1 as a buyer!

PB bought my Hwi (Kirsche) from me and paid promptly. She's very fun to talk to, and very easy to do business with. Highly recommended! I'd love to trade/buy/sell with her again!


- Ollyodd - 05-07-2009

+1 as a buyer/seller hehe we did a trade! She made me some awesome knitty hats in exchange for Asuka's wig hehe!! She was super sweet, had great communication and the transaction was really quick!! Thanks sooo much!

- holyponiesbatman - 07-06-2009

PBnJ and I did a trade. She offered to make me one of her fantastic bikini's for some of my sale items. She was very pleasant and super sweet to deal with. And the bikini looks great! Thanks so much. :-)

- Radiant - 07-07-2009

+1 for trade. Made me a wonderfully made and adorable hat. Thank you so much.

- Bakames - 07-12-2009

+1 for a trade. This user communicated very well and has superb handmade products. Thanks!

RE: Feedback For PBnJ - PumpkinCar - 08-04-2009

+1 for an excellent trade!
Items were very well made and absolutely adorable~!
Thanks again!

RE: Feedback For PBnJ - ambitiouslove - 08-25-2009

+1 Trade
Very great to work with! Fast communication and very friendly. Thanks!

RE: Feedback For PBnJ - PrincessTomato - 10-30-2009

AWESOME~ beyond comparison~ swap partner! Thank you so so much!
I"ll be sending some pictures soon!

RE: Feedback For PBnJ - dragonlady - 03-19-2011

+1 buyer! She bought a wig from me and everything went perfectly. Thank you!

RE: Feedback For PBnJ - Cartagia - 04-23-2011

+1 buyer, smooth transaction!

RE: Feedback For PBnJ - Grassshackgirl - 05-08-2011

+2 as a Trader and Seller. I did a partial trade with PbnJ; I traded her a MH doll for two Hello Kitty beanies with payment. She kept me updated as needed on the beanies, and they came out perfect! Highly recommended as both seller and trader, and an excellent knitter!