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Latte. - Radiant - 03-30-2009

I've been wanting to buy a Latte, but I don't want to get swindled. lol

So, how much should I expect to pay NRFB? MINT with full stock?


- kadepie - 03-30-2009

I got mine off of ebay for $105.

- trainspotter - 03-30-2009

I got my Latte NRFB for about $115.

- Radiant - 03-31-2009

Recently? grin

- austrin - 03-31-2009

I saw some one sold it on ebay for $215. quite a lot of money <img src=" />

- Radiant - 03-31-2009

Darn. PullipStyle is looking for me. I asked for no more then $150...

*crosses fingers*

- kadepie - 03-31-2009

Mar 30 2009, 06:15 PM
Recently? grin
I got mine at the end of Feb, beginning of March.

- Radiant - 04-15-2009

Yay! NRFB Latte for $120 plus standard PullipStyle shipping. I'm so excited!

Pullip Latte - sjsimpson - 07-15-2009

I'm thinking about selling my Latte, but I want to know about how much I could get for her. I bought her NRFB for $300, which now that I think about it, might have been a little overpriced.
If I was to sell her, I'd add in her stock wig, maybe her newer cancan wig, and she'd be nude.

- pullipninahaute - 07-15-2009

I got my mom her NRFB Latte for $150.00. Maybe 130-170 dollars?

- Christopher Fritz - 07-16-2009

On eBay, there are a couple NRFB listed for about $200.00 + $30 shipping. I've been watching them for a while, with no sales yet. I don't know if it's because no one's looking to buy Latte right now, or if the price is just too high. (I'm looking to buy a Latte, myself, but I've determined that $230 is just too much, even if I could sell the stock for $40.)

- knibitz - 07-17-2009

I saw a nude Latte sell, not that long ago, for 100$

RE: Pullip Latte - Radiant - 08-27-2009

I bought her NRFB for $130 shipped back in April.

Latte - Cartagia - 02-20-2010

Hi all! I was wondering on the price for Latte these days? Not MIB but with all stock/box/card/stand etc?

Thanks. :3

RE: Latte - birdie - 02-21-2010

If she comes with everything and isn't altered in any way, she _is_ MIB. You're probably meaning not NRFB?

She would be 120-150, I reckon. She's fairly rare, I reckon most Latte owners hold on to her once they have her because she wasn't a limited release.