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Lan ake - austrin - 03-31-2009

I want 2 buy lan ake nude.. how much for her these days? I found someone sell it for U$72 + shipping pre-loved and nude ,is this a good deal?Thanks

- crazykimochi - 03-31-2009

That's a great deal! Lan Ake normally goes for about $90 nude~

- Nina-chan - 03-31-2009

I agree. I recently sold my Lan ake for 60€ (85$??). She came with a re-ment outfit but I guess that does not make a lot of a difference compared to a nude one as far as the value goes.

Lan Ake Card - yummyFRESH - 10-23-2009

What do you think?

PS. I never see a Lan Ake Card here, maybe you know someone who sells this?

RE: Lan Ake Card - Skada - 10-27-2009

Most Pullip cards go for anywhere between $2-$5, the rarer dolls only go for more, obviously. Lan Ake isn't as rare as Lan Ai, but I think $4 would be a reasonable asking price?

RE: Lan Ake Card - yummyFRESH - 10-27-2009

Okay thank you! Now I have to find one...

Lan Ake - enofelli - 10-30-2009

How much is a used Lan Ake going for, anyone knows?

RE: Lan Ake - Little_red_monkey - 10-30-2009

i would say between $120 and $150 if she comes MIB

RE: Lan Ake - enofelli - 10-30-2009

Thanks, but what if she comes nude and has been played with? Is $90 too expensive?

RE: Lan Ake - sinderellah - 11-02-2009

I think $90 is fair, assuming her faceup and hair haven't been touched, etc. Is the body floppy or in decent condition?

RE: Lan ake - EverLove_Forever - 05-29-2010

how about if she is in perfect condition, been used for a short time, doesn't come with box or bird cage but comes with everything else (including card, doll and stock)

Lan Ake - Chihiro - 07-02-2010

How much should this be? Is $45 too much? >___<
It also has a screw AND spring missing!

"Hey there! I'm asking $45 + shipping for the faceplates. It includes the front and back plates, a scalp, and eyemech. I do want to mention that it's missing a spring from the eyemech (although when I tested it out, it didn't seem to take away much) and two of the screws. It is a former Lan Ake head, so it's on the paler side."

If anyone is interested I'll PM you the link!!
**She's dropped the price to $40 + Postage, she is in USA if anyone is interested**

RE: 3 Dolls! - Oshiyama Yumemiya - 07-03-2010

Well, I got my NRFB My Melody for $90. Then again, she could go for a higher price.

Dang. Fanatica for that much? Wish I could have got her! D:

RE: Lan Ake Face plate + eye mech! - Chihiro - 07-07-2010


RE: Lan Ake Face plate + eye mech! - MissMandyLynne - 07-07-2010

that sounds like a good price - if i had the money id snatch her up