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Hash - Chusei_shin - 05-04-2009

Hi, can anyone give me an upto date going rate price for a taeyang.

HASH, only removed from box and displayed.
He comes with full original stock, never been rewigged or rechipped. Original box and stand.

thank you

- Yukittie - 05-04-2009

I just (yesterday) bought him for 95 Dollar NRFB so you can easily get 80/85 Dollar for him.

I hope this helps.

- Chusei_shin - 05-05-2009

thats great yay thanks Yukittie. I am not bonding with him the way I thought I would so as soon as I am able hes going up for sale. I wasnt sure what his price was these days.

- Yukittie - 05-05-2009

I wish I didn't buy him on Ebay yet, then I would have bought him from you.
Also if you consider selling only his goggles please let me know smile

- JennyTheArtist - 05-05-2009

yes, I am interested in just the goggles,too. that's all I need to finish off my hash's stock. please lmk!