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Vivien - Cherri - 06-24-2009

How much would a Vivien, complete with stock cost?
And how much is the white coat worth?

- Yukittie - 06-24-2009

Do you have a Vivien or do you want to buy one?
I think her white coat would sell for 15 Dollar but only if there isn't much red staining on because of her red stock dress.

- kleine_motte - 06-24-2009

An NRFB or MIB Vivien would probably be around the $250-300 ballpark. An OOB Viv with complete stock would probably be $200 or so (these are trends I've observed, anyway).

I'd also say $15 for the white coat, however, one without any red staining could easily go for more. Hope that helps!

- Cherri - 06-24-2009

Thanks! I just got one, making a price check ^^ I got mine at $180..

RE: Vivien - Katrina - 05-25-2012

Bump! I'm interested in purchasing a Vivien and the only one I can find is on eBay for nearly 400$! I know that's a ridiculous price, so if anyone has purchased one recently, could you share what amount you had paid for her?