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camouflage's feedback - camouflage - 07-11-2009

Have not had the chance to sell/buy things here until I posted this. So my feedback at the moment would be from other forums:

Pullip Fiction



RE: camouflage's feedback - Yukittie - 08-14-2009

+ 1 as a perfect seller <3

I bought the most amazing leopard print shirt from her and I love it so much <3
She sent it out super fast and the communication was perfect!

Thank you for everything ^__^

RE: camouflage's feedback - LadyKakashi - 08-22-2009

+1 as a seller!!
Fast shipping and great communication!!
Thank you!!

RE: camouflage's feedback - Leannarchy - 09-02-2009

+1 positive, received the wig today and love it. thanks so much!

RE: camouflage's feedback - Leannarchy - 10-16-2009

+1 positive, pink dress received and love it. thanks so much!

RE: camouflage's feedback - MissMandyLynne - 01-08-2010

+1 for a great seller

bought a type 4 body from her and its in PERFECT condition - i love how Street looks on it yay

RE: camouflage's feedback - Stephie97 - 01-10-2010

+1 for a great seller
I recieved the bosy the other day! And thanks for the free shoes!! grin

RE: camouflage's feedback - Frogprincess - 01-16-2010

+1 positive
all went fine and camouflage is a nice and kind seller
I was really happy about the dress (it's sooo cuute grin and just what I wanted it to be)

RE: camouflage's feedback - tuligarita - 01-21-2010

+1 positive
Camouflage is a great seller and very nice ^^
I love the dresses, they are perfect for my dolls smile

RE: camouflage's feedback - phantomwings86 - 01-23-2010

+1 as an amazing seller! Bought a gorgeous type 4 from her and she was super sweet and shipped really fast! I would definitely buy from her again! smile

RE: camouflage's feedback - twinkle_eyed - 01-24-2010

+1 for a wonderful seller!! I bought a gorgeous dress for a pullip and i am just tickled with it! Communication was super friendly and she is such a pleasure to work with! Thank you! <3

RE: camouflage's feedback - paradethepaper - 03-17-2010

+1 as a seller. Quick communication and mailing. Thank you!

RE: camouflage's feedback - BaniaFeb6 - 03-19-2010

+1 as seller
I just got the body in perfect condition <3

RE: camouflage's feedback - booksanddolls - 03-26-2010

+1 bought a shirt from her, super fast delivery and great communication, thanks!

RE: camouflage's feedback - Gaspode - 05-29-2010

+1 as a seller, I bought an obitsu and received great comms on when it was sent and its in fab condition thanks!