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Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - lovelytickle - 08-27-2009

Hi everyone!<3

I'm an old time Pullip/MLP collector, Lovelytickle (aka Paola) from Italy!
I haven't been active in any collector's community for a couple years, but I used to spend my time at the MLPTP's, the Arena, Pullipstyle and I still lurk on the pullip livejournal community. Not sure if anyone still remembers me though!

I ended up having less and less time to dedicate to my collecting hobbies, and now space issues and -I must admit- lack of interest are making me slowly selling my collections.

I did have feedback on Pullipstyle, and I have an ebay account with 100% positives both with selling and buying (lovelytickle).

As I'm back for selling the rest of my collection, if anyone has bealt with me and wants to add feedback, that'd be lovely.


RE: Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - solarsenshi - 09-15-2009

I bought my Noir from lovelytickle, superfast shipment grin

RE: Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - Mirai - 09-16-2009

Paja bought from lovelytickle, fast shipment and wonderful comunication. Thanks!!

RE: Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - moonshadowstar - 09-18-2009

+1 as a seller. Great communication, very nice to deal with, items came as discribed and very quickly.

RE: Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - dunneh - 09-18-2009

+1 as a seller

really pleased with the transaction, would buy from again!

RE: Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - riru - 09-21-2009

Great experience buying from lovelytickle; amazing, friendly communication, everything went perfectly. Definitely 100% recommended and would buy from again. :)

RE: Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - LadyKakashi - 09-22-2009

+1 as a seller!
Super fast international shipping! Items were perfect too!

RE: Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - barbgirl1999 - 09-27-2009

+1 for an awesome seller! Bought Edward Scissorhands from her, and he arrived quickly and in perfect condition!!!

Thanks so much!!!

RE: Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - Morsel - 09-30-2009

+1 Seller! Got my lovely dreamgal Fanatica from her. Fast shipping, great communication! Such a pleasure and joy! Thank you Paola!

RE: Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - Little_red_monkey - 10-04-2009

+1 lovely to deal with, super fast shipping!

RE: Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - twinkle_eyed - 11-02-2009

+1 as seller! Fast shipping and super friendly communication! Thank you so much for my Greggia!! <3

RE: Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - ***L-Lo*** - 11-07-2009

+ 1 positive as a seller!

Super nice person, easy to deal with and sent me goodies to thank me for my multiple purchases :o

Would definitely buy from again!

RE: Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - Mina - 11-21-2009

+1 as seller!! Very good comunication, super faster shipping!! Thanks for all!!!

RE: Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - Chusei_shin - 11-27-2009

+1 as seller - I bought a lovely pink FOD dress and it arrived well packaged and quickly to the UK, also included a cute pair of shoes. great communications. thank you so much. yay

RE: Feedback for Lovelytickle (Paola) :) - Gloomymort - 12-02-2009

+1 bought a pink frilly top from lovelytickle, arrived well packaged, gerat comms thanks alot