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Ianastar's Feedback - ianastar - 09-01-2009

I dont have any transactions yet, but will soon hopefully (once I can figure out how to see the BST).

I have great feedback on Ebay as Quietthecat and on the Lush forums and Makeupalley as Ianastar/YSLGuy

RE: Ianastar's Feedback - usagi_no_hotaru - 01-29-2010

+1 buyer~

Was super friendly and an overall pleasure to deal with! Thanks so much~!

RE: Ianastar's Feedback - BarbedDragon - 07-10-2010

+1 as a seller. She was perfect with every little detail. I purchased and Elisabeth from her and she came wrapped very carefully and padded wonderfully! She kept me updated and let me know what was going on! I'm very impressed!

RE: Ianastar's Feedback - Father Rozen - 10-26-2010

+1 as seller!
I simply adore my custom Portia. Thanks so much! smile

RE: Ianastar's Feedback - Mika187 - 11-28-2010

+1 Seller - If I could leave more feedback I would!

She had great communication throughout, very good with shipping and Blanche came to me in the condition that I was told. She's great! Thanks again smile

RE: Ianastar's Feedback - misspattidarling - 12-05-2010

Great seller, fast delivery and nicely packaged!!