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Nero - TrueFan - 09-05-2009

I have a mint Nero for sale. I don't have her box but I have all her stock. She has never been undressed or played with and is mint. She has been on display since I bought her. (The lenses were popped out of her glasses, but I have them.)

She is sold out at PS and VOTD. Any thoughts on a price?

RE: mint Nero - Requiem - 09-05-2009

I've seen her sell on ebay with BINS of 195 or somewhere thereabouts and not been able to believe it, but it's happened several times so not a fluke. At least 125 or so for NOOB off ebay? Probably more if on ebay. Those prices are going higher than the forum ones on average.

RE: Nero - Cartagia - 04-19-2010

I was wondering how much Nero's stock goes for these days? I have her coat and I have no idea what to price it as! Thanks. :3

RE: Nero - applecandy - 04-20-2010

I've heard that Nero was sold at 50-55$ last year, and her full stock at 15$, but I'm interested in her price now since I'm looking for her to add to my collection. yay

RE: Nero - Odjur - 06-21-2010

I have a nude Nero for sale and have a potential buyer for about 100 USD, I guess that wouldn't be a bad deal but I bought her more then a year ago so I'm not quite sure..

RE: Nero - McKenna - 06-21-2010

I saw her MIB on Pullipstyle for $125.

RE: Nero - TrueFan - 06-21-2010

Actually, she is NRFB at PS.

RE: Nero - Alicewonder - 10-12-2011

I have a NRFB Nero but I did open her box but never removed her. How much Should I ask for her?

RE: Nero - harajukupat - 11-04-2011

I`m interested in the current going rate for her as I would like to possible add her to my Alicewonder I may be interested in yours depending on her price!smile

RE: Nero - Taquito - King - 12-06-2011

Anyone know the going rate for Nero? I'm thinking of selling mine.
Comes on a medium soft bust obitsu, possibilty of three wigs (a trimmed coolcat, brown mohair or white josephine hime style wig), would also come with top, leggings, necklace and her stock coat. I don't have her original box

RE: Nero - Rhaine - 05-03-2012

Anyone know what would be a good price for a second hand nude Nero that has damage/melting on her hips (perhaps from the fishnet stockings). Still has her stock wig and eyechips intact, but travelling nude.

RE: Nero - Katrina - 05-05-2012

I just bought a nude Nero (with tights) in mint condition for 120$.