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Anyone in New Jersey? - icravemeowmix - 09-29-2009

Anybody in Jersey wanna do a dolly meet? It would be cool to meet people around me who also collect dolls! yay

RE: Anyone in New Jersey? - dalsdolls - 03-31-2010

Although I am in CT, some pullip collectors meet (to buy and sell) at the Doll Show in Hackensack, New Jersey. Are you near there? I usually have a table with another pullip collector.

The next one is on Sunday, Aug 15th 2010.
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Rothman Center
Hackensack, New Jersey.

RE: Anyone in New Jersey? - lilbrokenragdoll - 03-31-2010

I'm in PA but I could definitely drive to NJ.

RE: Anyone in New Jersey? - trillian - 04-06-2010

I'm in Philly, which means I could spit to jersey. LOL Seriously though, I'm not far at all. Where would you consider a good meeting place? An upper-east-coast kind of meetup in NJ would be pretty cool.

RE: Anyone in New Jersey? - lilbrokenragdoll - 04-06-2010

Frankly, I'm land-locked here (after growing up by the Jersey Shore and living in NYC for a long time -- yes, there are beaches in NYC...crummy ones, but beaches nonetheless) and I would love to see the ocean...I haven't in more than 3 years.

Any good meetup spots near the shore?

RE: Anyone in New Jersey? - trillian - 04-09-2010

Ocean City? Atlantic City? Wildwood? I can get to those spots easily. And if we go to AC there's a good chance I can get a free or discounted rooms at Harrah's Casino.

RE: Anyone in New Jersey? - icravemeowmix - 04-09-2010

I'm in central Jersey. A meet at AC would be so cool!! smile Wow...I opened this thread last year and never thought I'd get any responses. ^^; It seemed like no one around me collected Pullips. It's so nice to see people around me that share my hobby! :O

RE: Anyone in New Jersey? - lilbrokenragdoll - 04-09-2010

I've never met any doll people in real life; a meetup would be fun!

No one even knows what Pullips are out here, so I can totally relate. Makes me miss my old stomping ground of least there are Japanese people there, who might have a clue!

RE: Anyone in New Jersey? - trillian - 04-10-2010

No one here had heard of them either, though my coworkers are really awesome about it and always seem interested in what I'm sewing at my desk. Gotta love working at a call center sometimes... LOL

We should definitely do this. I work tuesday-saturday so I'm free on saturday evenings/sunday all day/monday all day.

Boardwalk Pullips!

RE: Anyone in New Jersey? - icravemeowmix - 04-11-2010

I agree - we should totally do this! A Saturday evening would be perfect for me :3

RE: Anyone in New Jersey? - lilbrokenragdoll - 06-06-2010

I just thought I'd bump this thread and see if we can get a little more definite interest going.

I posted a thread about a potential doll meet in NE PA, but got zero interest, unfortunately. So it looks like Jersey it is!

RE: Anyone in New Jersey? - icravemeowmix - 06-10-2010

I, too, would love to get something more definite going! smile I liked the whole AC idea - I've been wanting to go back for awhile! LOL

RE: Anyone in New Jersey? - chibialex - 10-06-2010

I live right outside AC. I love to meet up with anyone.
If any one interested there a BJD meeting in the Mullica Hill library this Sat (oct 9) it's from 12 pm- to 4pm
the library address is:

389 Wolfert Station Road
Mullica Hill, NJ 08062
Phone: 856-223-6000

RE: Anyone in New Jersey? - lovelydeadmoonlight - 08-14-2012

I live in Philly, would totally love to meet some doll people!