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Lianasmom97's Feedback - lianasmom97 - 11-29-2009

Feedback for Lianasmom97 Tongue

RE: Lianasmom97's Feedback - KiraKira - 01-11-2011

+1 as a reputable buyer.

She contacted me wanting to purchase a doll gown. PMs were polite and friendly, she sent immediate payment and left me feedback/let me know when the item arrived without me having to bug her. Everything you could want in a buyer. Thanks! smile

RE: Lianasmom97's Feedback - dragonlady - 01-16-2011

+1 as a buyer! She bought a hat from me and was friendly and paid promptly. Thank you sweetie!

RE: Lianasmom97's Feedback - Anne Gwish - 10-12-2011

+1 for an amazing swap! Thank you for all of the cute stickers!!!