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Venus - Cherri - 12-30-2009

Hi, does anyone know how much does a Venus with full stock sells for?

My friend wish to sell me his Venus but we both are not sure of what price she goes for..

RE: Venus - DeLightfulfreak - 12-30-2009

I've seen her NRFB for $125, but second hand I've seen anywhere from $80-$100

RE: Venus - applecandy - 12-31-2009

Yeah, PS have had it for sale at that price during the first weeks this month. smile I was not sure if it was 175$ or 125$, I really cannot remember but it might be 125$ as DeLightfulfreak says.

RE: Venus - MissMandyLynne - 08-17-2011

hey anybody know what a Venus would be nude, new wig, and nude glossed lips?

RE: Venus - Rhaine - 05-20-2013

Anybody know the price for a NRFB Venus?

RE: Venus - kuanyin4 - 05-21-2013

I would say 150-175? I know you would find her on ebay much higher, but whether anyone would buy at the higher price is the issue. If you really want to sell her go lower.

RE: Venus - Rhaine - 05-22-2013

Someone was selling her for $230, so I thought I'd ask cuz I wanted to buy her.

RE: Venus - kuanyin4 - 05-23-2013

I would'nt myself at that price, but she is rare anymore and it really depends on what she is worth to you. If you are patient on eBay you could do better.

RE: Venus - LovelyPapin - 05-25-2013

I found one for $80.

RE: Venus - kuanyin4 - 05-25-2013

Yeah, but shipping 33.00. Which is still a lot better deal. She's so pretty!