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Sleepover! (Naomi and Ala) - bp_serene - 01-18-2010

Eva (Ala) and Kitty (Naomi) have new jammies, so they decided a pyjama party was the way forward smile

Eva: mmmmm, cake!

[Image: P1010046.jpg]

Kitty: maybe we can watch a movie?

[Image: P1010044.jpg]

Eva: let's gossip!

[Image: P1010077.jpg]

Kitty: I'm getting sleepy.....

[Image: P1010073.jpg]

Eva: Me too, let's snuggle up!

[Image: P1010082.jpg]

Kitty: I'm so glad you're here....

[Image: P1010061.jpg]

Eva: Me too.....zzzzzzzz

[Image: P1010059.jpg]

[Image: P1010060.jpg]

[Image: P1010057.jpg]

The end! I hope you enjoyed my piccies smile

I'm keeping them in jammies for a few days, they are now residing in my new display cabinet! Cute? Tongue

[Image: P1010085.jpg]

RE: Sleepover! (Naomi and Ala) - kaoskat - 01-18-2010

Their jammies are too cute! I like the ones with little hearts best! They are so adorable!

RE: Sleepover! (Naomi and Ala) - anniemilktea - 02-12-2010

I love your Naomi C: and their pajamas are so adorable!

RE: Sleepover! (Naomi and Ala) - Cartagia - 02-12-2010

Awww, cute little story...:3

RE: Sleepover! (Naomi and Ala) - mobscenes - 02-14-2010

how adorable. i love their jammies, too precious.

RE: Sleepover! (Naomi and Ala) - Jen - 02-14-2010

Oh so cute! I loved the photo story!

RE: Sleepover! (Naomi and Ala) - emuel - 02-15-2010

ahhw, so cute, you have great dolls, i especially like the skintone of eva. wink

RE: Sleepover! (Naomi and Ala) - Little_Chloeee - 04-16-2010

Aw they look adorable in their little pajamas smile

RE: Sleepover! (Naomi and Ala) - Dollphan - 04-17-2010 cute!

RE: Sleepover! (Naomi and Ala) - amy - 04-17-2010

Awww! What a sweet pic flic!