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Feedback for Mobscenes - mobscenes - 02-14-2010

Please leave any feedback you have for me in this thread.

positive: 021

I also have 100% positive on Ebay.

RE: mobscenes feedback - GreyBird1881 - 02-20-2010

+1 as a buyer! Bought a wig from me, and was very friendly and sweet, highly recommended! thanks!

RE: mobscenes feedback - icravemeowmix - 02-25-2010

+1 as a buyer! sold Prunella and Mercu's wig to them. very friendly! thank you so much smile

RE: mobscenes feedback - GreyBird1881 - 03-07-2010

+1 as a buyer, bought several items from me, paid quickly and was very sweet! thank you again!

RE: Feedback for Mobscenes - KiraKira - 03-10-2010

+1 as a seller! Drama-free gal who describes items honestly, packs well and ships quickly. Thanks so much for Cornice's stock! yay

RE: Feedback for Mobscenes - sakana_hime - 03-11-2010

+1 Great buyer!

RE: Feedback for Mobscenes - amy - 03-23-2010

+ as a buyer! Great communication and super nice! I'd sell to her anytime!

RE: Feedback for Mobscenes - McKenna - 04-21-2010

+1 as a participant in the Dollmore GO. Thanks so much for being a part of it.

RE: Feedback for Mobscenes - GreyBird1881 - 05-09-2010

+1 for buying my little pullip Berry! Super sweet and a pleasure to do business with anytime! Thank you!!!

RE: Feedback for Mobscenes - twinkle_eyed - 05-30-2010

+1 for participating in the 2nd nDoll GO! Thank you so much!! <3

RE: Feedback for Mobscenes - pianogirl - 06-06-2010

+1 as a buyer, good communication and all over great buyer, would be glad to do business with again! Thanks!

RE: Feedback for Mobscenes - GreyBird1881 - 06-26-2010

+1 Bought an obitsu from her, it arrived perfectly and my girl looks so lovely on it! Highly recommended and super sweet! Thanks Heather!

RE: Feedback for Mobscenes - KiraKira - 08-03-2010

+1 for being a great split partner!

There was a dent-box Lead on PS, and mobscenes & I worked out a split agreement. A slight delay because of emergency circumstances, but if not for that, an otherwise smooth split transaction. Thank you so much, Heather! smile

RE: Feedback for Mobscenes - twinkle_eyed - 08-18-2010

+1 for an excellent seller! I bought Grell from her and am so super pleased!! She is gorgeous! Mobscenes is such a pleasure to work with! Wonderful communication and fast shipping! I highly recommend working with her, and always look forward to working with her again! Thank you!! <333

RE: Feedback for Mobscenes - KiraKira - 08-18-2010

+1 for being a wonderful seller.

This is about the third time I've dealt with Heather/mobscenes. She is always friendly and sweet and she ships quickly, being sure to let me know when she shipped. Her items are in great condition and she leaves feedback without me having to ask her to.

She's so awesome. smile