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Sadie - mobscenes - 02-18-2010

I'm not a photographer by any means, so please don't criticize my (lack of) skillz haha. I know you can see the stand but I was too excited when I got her I didn't care to try and hide it. I'll get better with time, I've got a lot to learn! But for now, I'd like you to meet my first ever doll & pullip, Sadie!

[Image: vctdgh.png]
Hallelujah, I made it! I thought I'd forever be stuck at your post office. Stupid Presidents Day!

[Image: 255q848.png]
Okay, seriously? Stop. I've been home 10 minutes and you've changed my clothes three times.

[Image: zk32te.png]
Please, please, PLEASE give me a sister? Or a boyfriend? Hell I'd take a girlfriend right now...

[Image: 214z2n9.png]
I don't care that you can't afford for any of those, I'm not listening to you until you can and will!

[Image: aewgo1.png]
Oh..oh, my! What in the world happened to her hair!? Okay okay I won't be mean. Yes, this will do until you can buy me more accessories and family.

[Image: 28rnn6f.png]
This was a baddd idea, I'm going to fall. I'm going to fall and get hurt and die. No you cannot sell my body parts for a new doll!

[Image: 212e4av.png]
I love you, pony. Best friends forever.

sorry for the different sized pictures, and if they are too large let me know <3

RE: Sadie - Thylaylii - 02-18-2010

Haha, these pics made me smile, I like the baaad idea one she actually looks scared XD Wel done on getting your first doll, you're getting posing already!
(And I <3 the MLP x3)

RE: Sadie - princesspetal - 02-18-2010

They are nice pictures, congrats on your new and first doll!!

RE: Sadie - kaoskat - 02-18-2010

That's so cute! She's beautiful! Congrats on your new doll!

RE: Sadie - Cartagia - 02-19-2010

Yay a Celsiy! yay She's gorgeous, and she really suits the name and that cute green dress! :3

RE: Sadie - Little_Chloeee - 04-16-2010

Congrats! She is really sweet, I'm sure you'll have fun with her yay

RE: Sadie - amy - 04-17-2010

Congrats!!! I love the pics with the pony! So cute!!!