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Jade - KiraKira - 02-23-2010

I am contemplating selling my flawless purple-haired boy, Jade. He would come with his card, stand, stock outfit sans scarf. What would be a fair asking price?

I had him on display only on my bookshelf. He was always dressed in his stock outfit.

Thanks for your help!Happy

RE: Taeyang Jade with almost all his stock - applecandy - 02-23-2010

That's an interesting question for me too since I'm looking for a stock Jade, but without his outfit. smile

RE: Jade - obviouszebra - 03-08-2010

I've seen nude Jade's sell for $70 in the past, with stock sans scarf you could ask $85-$90?

RE: Jade - EllianElenion - 06-10-2010

I have a Taeyang Jade, completely stock.
The only thing I changed is slitting the backs of his shoes so they go on and off more easily.
I wanted to check Pullip Style for his current price, but he vanished off the site? Does anyone
know if he's out of stock?

RE: Jade - applecandy - 06-10-2010

I guess they are waiting for restock, so the page is not currently available. But he must be about 85$ NRFB if his price has not increased.