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Naomi - SceneNeko - 03-17-2010

Naomi's Stock

I'm not sure how much I can get out of it and I'm not even sure if I want to sell it, but a guesstimate for how much it's worth could help my mental debate XD

RE: Naomi's Stock - babelglyph - 03-17-2010

I split mine with Ravie for $35 including shipping inside the US smile She included the wig for no extra but you could go either up (~$40 with wig) or down (~$30 without wig), whichever you feel is fair.

RE: Naomi - AeraCura - 01-04-2013

Hey, everybody. smile I've got a Naomi I'm thinking of selling but I have no idea on the price. She has her stock, wig and stock body, plus an obitsu. She has only one little flaw, a nick on her cheek. Any help would be greatly appreciated!