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Rconroy Feedback - rconroy - 04-30-2010


RE: Rconroy Feedback - usagi_no_hotaru - 08-24-2010

+1 buyer~

Very friendly person! Fast payment and prompt responses, would definitely deal with again! Thank you~! <33

RE: Rconroy Feedback - cmair1202 - 09-21-2010

OK, I got them today and I am so happy. Here are some pictures so you can see how happy I was to finally have my girls.
[Image: 17512527_5e1d88fc1285009363.jpg]
This is the Purezza head on Papin's old body. I have renamed her Amber Renae

[Image: 17512528_a334558f1285009441.jpg]
And here is Aya which I will lovingly keep as her name. I made this wig for her and it is removable so If I decide to put the original on I can.

[Image: 17512529_7739aa2a1285009534.jpg]
Here She is with her Twin sister. Aya and Rei.

Thanks so much for sending them to me. I saved you as a favorite seller on

RE: Rconroy Feedback - rconroy - 09-22-2010

I'm glad you got them!

RE: Rconroy Feedback - Leannarchy - 09-22-2010

+1 positive for super fast payment, thanks a million!