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Phoebe is Here! *Added new pics* - princesspetal - 06-10-2010

I ordered phoebe from PullipStyle last week and she arrived on Monday.

I haven't been able to take any decent pics of her as I got a new job so am at work in the day now, but here are some quick ones I took.

She really is an amazing Dal!! Her hair is so silky and soft! Her faceup is so lovely too and her stock clothing is really quite well made compared to some stocks.

I am away this weekend but I'll try and do some better pics of all my dollies the weekend after =) Need to catch up!

Phoebe Phoebe Phoebe Phoebe

Hope you like her!

She will be keeping her name too as Phoebe is one of my most favourite names ever smile


I took a few pics of her in the garden yesterday but I am actually feeling quite ill this weekend so they are pretty rubbish. Her hair looks so lovely in the sun though, and as you can see, she looks super cute in other clothes. Its funny because Phoebe is meant to be quite tough but I think she is actually one of the most childish looking Dals.

Phoebe in the Garden Phoebe in the Garden Phoebe in the Garden

Lol, we had a few outtakes smile I think the sun must have got to her in the first one and then my dog Dolly came to investigate and I think it must have been the first time Phoebe had seen a dog as she obviously was a bit shocked!! Hehe =)

Whoops! Dolly Investigates... Oh dear...

RE: Phoebe is Here! - Cartagia - 06-10-2010

Aaaahh, I'm so jealous! XD <3 Pheobe is one of my absolute favorite Dals and your pictures do her great justice! I love the shape around her eyes that the makeup gives. :3 Glad you got her. yay

RE: Phoebe is Here! - amy - 06-10-2010

She is SO adorable!!! I love her wig! It looks so nice and high quality! grin

RE: Phoebe is Here! - Gaspode - 06-10-2010

Wow she's stunning! Love her smile

RE: Phoebe is Here! - pianogirl - 06-10-2010

She's gorgeous! I'd never really looked at her before, but she really is beautiful. grin I think another Dal just made my wishlist... LOL

Beautiful photos as well, and congrats!

RE: Phoebe is Here! - GreyBird1881 - 06-10-2010

She is super cute! Congrats!

RE: Phoebe is Here! - vertefae - 06-10-2010

*falls over* She's to cute! Hmm maybe Angry and Hangry need a triplet. lol

RE: Phoebe is Here! - princesspetal - 06-10-2010

I can highly recommend her to you all. She is excellent quality compared to some Dals. Her hair is incredible!

Glad you like her =)

RE: Phoebe is Here! - RacerGT - 06-17-2010

She is adorable... I just got into Dals. I may have to put her on the list!!

RE: Phoebe is Here! - princesspetal - 06-18-2010

Thank you =) you really should, she is wonderful! Her stock is great but she looks cute in other clothes too. She is sitting on my desk at the moment wearing some Mickey Mouse overalls from a Barbie and a cute pink shirt underneath and some blue Blythe converse. Super cute girl =)

I'll be taking more pics of her this weekend.

RE: Phoebe is Here! - Mag - 06-18-2010

Ack, she's so cute! I have yet to add a Dal to my family, she really makes me want to get one soon! Congrats, can't wait to see more pics!

RE: Phoebe is Here! - Lica - 06-19-2010

Phoebe is a stunnig doll, congrats! <3

RE: Phoebe is Here! - leelee - 06-19-2010

cute! cute! cute!

RE: Phoebe is Here! - Lilcurly - 06-20-2010

ooh she's pretty smile very pretty <3

RE: Phoebe is Here! - RemDeRosier - 06-20-2010

*squee* She is so very pretty!!

Phoebe is my favorite Dal! I hope to get one some day!