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She's Here! - kuronekohime - 06-15-2010

She came to me with Hello Kitty's stock face from Asashi, and I am so happy! She's gorgeous and I love her wig. Asashi was super nice and sent some extra clothes and things too.

I wasn't a fan of how plain HK's face up is, so I decided to make it a little more dramatic. It's my first face-up, and it's not perfect but I am pretty happy with it. I used Prismacolour pencils to do it. I got a brush on sealer and it sorta smudged the pencil a little, but it's not that noticeable. I think I'd like a spray sealer much better. I haven't done her lips yet, since my job was out of GW brush on gloss.

Anyway, she hasn't gotten a name yet. I also think she needs lighter blue eye chips.

RE: She's Here! - GreyBird1881 - 06-15-2010

Awww she is lovely and you did a great job on her eyes!

RE: She's Here! - amy - 06-15-2010

She looks adorable!!! I love the additional makeup!

RE: She's Here! - gameof_fate - 06-15-2010

I love how you did the eyelashes! She's wonderful!

RE: She's Here! - kuronekohime - 06-15-2010

Thank you everyone! I was nervous about how the eyelashes would look, since I'd never done a face-up before.

RE: She's Here! - Lilcurly - 06-15-2010

She looks gorgeous! Love her eyes <3

RE: She's Here! - Puzzle - 06-15-2010

Lovely eyelashes, you did great. She is really pretty, congratulations!

RE: She's Here! - Black Sugar - 06-16-2010

(06-15-2010, 04:55 AM)kuronekohime Wrote: Photobucket

I love particulary this picture *o*
Very beautiful!