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Kora's Blue Dress - kuronekohime - 06-20-2010

Since her arrival Kora has been wanting a dress "suitable for going to tea in". I had wanted to hold off on making things until she got her Obitsu, but she just wouldn't have it. So yesterday we ventured into the sewing room and got to work. She very patiently waited in her underthings for her dress.

When it was done she insisted we take photos, and began posing with the sewing machine.

Kora: *Blows kisses* I love it so much!

Kora: This is where the magic happens!

Kora: Don't you think I look like one of those care calendar girls, but cuter??

Kora: I can see the whole sewing room from here! What a mess!!

Kora: It's not easy being this cute, but someone has got to do it.

Then her shoe fell off.

Kora: 'scuse me? Little help, please??

After being re-shoe'd she wanted to show me her ballet skills.

I told her to practice more.

After all that excitement she just wanted to check out her dress in the mirror. I can't seem to get her out of the dress now.

The dress has a few little flaws that I am not happy about, but it was the first time I've sewn something so small. I can only get better from here. ^^

RE: Kora's Blue Dress - KiraKira - 06-20-2010

Very nice work. Is it a pattern you designed? It's a pretty dress and looks so nice on Kora... smile

RE: Kora's Blue Dress - kuronekohime - 06-20-2010

(06-20-2010, 05:58 AM)KiraKira Wrote: Very nice work. Is it a pattern you designed? It's a pretty dress and looks so nice on Kora... smile

I used a shirt she had to help draft the pattern for the bodice. The skirt is just a gathered rectangle.

RE: Kora's Blue Dress - princesspetal - 06-20-2010

Its lovely!! I really wish my sewing skills were better. She looks so lovely in it =) Perfect for going to tea!

RE: Kora's Blue Dress - GreyBird1881 - 06-20-2010

Awwww that looks so cute on her!