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Merzedes´ feedback - Merzedes - 06-22-2010

here is my feedback thread.

You may also have a look at my ebay-feedback: Merzy´s Ebay-feedback

RE: Merzedes´ feedback - Chihiro - 07-07-2010

Great seller, lovely wigs =) Thank you soo much! <3 +1

RE: Merzedes´ feedback - PrettyPullip - 09-14-2010

Awesome buyer. Understanding, patient and easy to communicate with. Speedy payment. smile

RE: Merzedes´ feedback - Bella - 11-21-2010

great seller, great communication, items were packed carefully with a cute note in there for me grin

RE: Merzedes´ feedback - natasja75 - 11-28-2010

+1 for Merzedes smile
Great buyer, good contact and fast payment. Thank you!

RE: Merzedes´ feedback - jhennypuu - 11-29-2010

Great Seller smile Fiori arrived fast!

RE: Merzedes´ feedback - dms_a_jem - 04-28-2011

+1 as a buyer! Fast payment and fabulous communication. Thanks again! Special 2Heart 2

RE: Merzedes´ feedback - Maaikeh - 05-25-2011

+1 as a seller. Great communication, fast shipping, good packaging and outfit was in perfect condition. Nice to do business with you!

RE: Merzedes´ feedback - solarsenshi - 06-08-2011

+1 as a buyer! Merzedes bought Leprotto from me and the payments and communication were swift and excellent! thank you and enjoy!

RE: Merzedes´ feedback - elderham - 08-16-2011

+1 as a buyer

Wonderful communication and fast payment! Thank you! Happy