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Veritas - Starliss - 08-06-2010

My Veritas has her complete stock make up, outfit, and wig, on a 27cm W SBH-S (with original body also included) and I have her box also. Perfect makeup, hair kept tied back in a ribbon so her hair isn't a complete mess now, mostly kept on her stand. Not for sale on PullipStyle anymore (where I originally bought her) so I was wondering how much she is worth smile

RE: Veritas - Dana - 11-07-2010

How much for a complete veritas in perfect condition and with stand, card and complete stock (no box)?


RE: Veritas - Chihiro - 11-07-2010

I would say around $130-150 max since she's NRFB on PS for $200 (which is insane in my opinion o__o)
My nude/bald girl with an Obitsu costed $90 - Hope this helps a little.

RE: Veritas - NectarineFire - 11-07-2010

I was lucky to find Veritas NRFB about a month or two back being sold retail for $95

RE: Veritas - phantomwings86 - 03-15-2011

I've had my Veritas for almost a year now and I'm just not bonding with her at all. I'm thinking of selling her and was wondering how much to ask. I removed her wig (still in plastic), T3 and stock and have kept them stored in her box since the day she arrived. She's currently on a T4 with an Anji's mohair wig in Milk. Her face-up is flawless. She's basically been on a shelf this whole time (I did one photoshoot with her last summer). How much would be fair to ask for the following:
With the T4/Anji's wig?
With just the Doll, stock wig, stand, card and box (I'd keep the stock)?
Complete and with the T4/Anji's wig?


RE: Veritas - Chihiro - 03-15-2011

Complete ~ Up to $150ish (PullipStyle had her for $200 though x__x)
Nude + stock wig ~ $110ish (Add another $10/15 for her stand/card/box)

RE: Veritas - applecandy - 03-16-2011

I think that PS put the price on 200$ when they have only few remaining: it happened with Prunella, Rot chan, Sweet Risa just before they sell out, so I think it's not the actual current value, but the "catch before it's too late" price, just a quite a little expensive chance. smile

RE: Veritas - aqua.sunlight - 07-04-2011

sorry, i've been out of the loop for a bit, so Veritas is now SOLD OUT? i'm thinking of selling my much should i ask for? great face up. obitsu. can have the option of being bald/ or come with the wig shown. thanks for any help! xoxo

[Image: IMG_1558.jpg]

RE: Veritas - aqua.sunlight - 07-10-2011


RE: Veritas - Zuley - 07-10-2011

Sweetie, somebody is selling one veritas head for 70 dolars + shipping in the forum, and I saw somebody selling one with her stock for 120 dolars + shipping. I hope it helps. Depending of the price I migth be interested. ;D

RE: Veritas - Zoegirl - 08-30-2011

Currently, the cheapest price on ebay for NRFB is $270. So if you do a 60/40 split it would be $160-ish. Of course, her stock is not even close to worth $110 either, so she may be worth a little bit more than that, especially considering that she has the obitsu.

RE: Veritas - Leannarchy - 12-05-2011

sold mine complete without box for $200

RE: Veritas - Cartagia - 12-05-2011

Sold mine, partial stock and no wig/box/stand/card for $150. smile