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feedback for Love4dollz - love4dollz - 08-23-2010

hey Guys
As you can see ive been an active member on ebay for a couple of years now

I also have feedback on a NZ auction site called Trademe


RE: feedback for Love4dollz - Leannarchy - 09-30-2010

+1 as a wonderful super awesome buyer!! hope you enjoy your girls! <333

RE: feedback for Love4dollz - Bakames - 10-11-2010

+1 as a buyer. Bought Papin from me. Great communication! Thanks!

RE: feedback for Love4dollz - PrettyPullip - 10-11-2010

+ I as a wonderful buyer. I hope the headbands reach you soon. smile

RE: feedback for Love4dollz - Kayakitsu - 10-16-2010

+1 for a nice buyer. Thank you^^

RE: feedback for Love4dollz - Joni - 10-19-2010

+1 for being a good buyer! Thanks so much. grin

RE: feedback for Love4dollz - Staria - 10-26-2010

+1 Seller. Amazing communication, super sweet, and smooth transaction. Highly recommended! smile
Received Alice (Leprotto) is great condition today, SUPER secured package.

RE: feedback for Love4dollz - Duskkodesh - 12-01-2010

+1 as a buyer. Bought a small dolly top from me, paid quickly and let me know when it arrived grin

RE: feedback for Love4dollz - misspattidarling - 12-16-2010

as a seller: Excellent and fast communication...cant wait till Kirsche arrives!!!!

RE: feedback for Love4dollz - Zuley - 01-08-2011

+1 for being an awesome swap partner!

Love4dolls was my Santa swap partner, she got my girl lovely gifts, thanks a million -I'd definitely recommend her for any future swaps! ;D

RE: feedback for Love4dollz - crazykimochi - 02-13-2011

+1 as an awesome buyer! Lara bought a Kairi hoodie from me and was extremely fantastic to work with!

RE: feedback for Love4dollz - crazykimochi - 02-17-2011

Another +1 from me! Lara commissioned a shirt from me and paid promptly! <3

RE: feedback for Love4dollz - cmair1202 - 02-22-2011

+1 purchased brown eye chips from sales thread arrived fast and was a great price.

RE: feedback for Love4dollz - dms_a_jem - 04-22-2011

Blah, sorry for the late feedback, but a nice big +1 as a buyer. Prompt payment and good communication. Thanks again!

RE: feedback for Love4dollz - orphansparrow - 05-02-2011


fast payment, great communication, perfect buyer. smile