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RE: feedback for Miss Edith - ThakYuki - 11-18-2014

+1 as buyer.
Miss Edith was looking for some Disney Tsum Tsums, and I picked them up for her. Payment was fast and she promptly replied when I asked if the package had arrived, since USPS tracking was being stupid with the customs number.

RE: feedback for Miss Edith - isminity - 11-19-2014

+1 awesome buyer, thanks!!

RE: feedback for Miss Edith - Chyntia - 01-09-2015

++++1 as a seller very friendly and reliable! Love the outfits she sold me! Thank you very much!

RE: feedback for Miss Edith - Chyntia - 02-20-2015

+1 as a seller!! Very friendly as always and nice to deal with! yay Plus super fast shipping!! grin Thank you!

great seller - Summer Skye - 02-21-2015

Great transaction. Bought Dal Icarus stock. Great price and fast international shipping. Love the outfit! Thanks!

RE: feedback for Miss Edith - Audacia - 03-26-2015

+1 as seller. Bought a girly from her and she is always a pleasure to do business with <3

RE: feedback for Miss Edith - CasseminaPie - 09-26-2015

+1 buyer. Purchased a Pullip custom from me and was so lovely to deal with. Always happy to do business with you Miss Edith! ^.^

RE: feedback for Miss Edith - Kyubi09 - 09-26-2015

+1 as a Buyer. Great communication, and super fast payment. Pleasure to do business with. :-)

RE: feedback for Miss Edith - fishy - 09-28-2015

+1 as a buyer. Bought a mini from me. Thank you! smile

RE: feedback for Miss Edith - kuanyin4 - 11-03-2015

Miss Edith is the best! I will happily sell or buy from her any time, I love her to pieces. Good communication and always makes her payments.

RE: feedback for Miss Edith - DeadlyNova - 11-14-2015

+1 as a seller! Thank you for being great to work with! Was great with being willing to hold the items for me and everything else. <3 Thanks!

RE: feedback for Miss Edith - elderham - 12-30-2015

+1 as a seller

Absolutely wonderful transaction! Communication was great, and Miss Edith was more than happy to take some extra photos for me. My doll was packed up well to keep her safe on her long journey, too. 100% satisfaction! Thanks so much, Miss Edith! Happy

RE: feedback for Miss Edith - Offgenemi - 01-23-2016

+1 buyer
I just organized an eBay purchase we shared. She communicates fast, and also delight to talk to smile she also paid very fast. She was also easy going throughout the process. I would definetly work with her again. Thank you

RE: feedback for Miss Edith - fishy - 02-24-2016

+1 as a buyer. Thanks for giving my Dal Galla a lovely new home! smile

RE: feedback for Miss Edith - Missy_Crane - 02-26-2016

+1 buyer

fast payment, lovely lady, can't ask for a better buyer smile