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Father Rozen's Feedback - Father Rozen - 08-31-2010

Unfortunately, I have no ebay account. The only feedback I could produce, if needed, would be from the Living Dead Dolls Forum. I have +25 there under the name Old greGORY.

As a Buyer:
Positive: +4
Neutral: 0
Negative: -2

As a Seller:
Positive: 0
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

RE: Father Rozen's Feedback - twinkledoll - 09-24-2010

+1 as a buyer
whole transaction went nice and smooth.
hope you enjoy your new doll members!

RE: Father Rozen's Feedback - Parton - 11-04-2010

This is the first time doing not positive feedback for flaking, but unfortunately I am tired of being strung along.

I was asked to hold items pending payment via mail order. I provided my personal information. Other buyers wanted some of these items and I had to turn them down. I beleive I had committment so edited my pics. Nine days later I am told items are no longer desired. It wasn't much money, but it took up my time and disappointed other potential buyers.

RE: Father Rozen's Feedback - KiraKira - 11-04-2010

Also adding my two cents regarding Father Rozen's behavior as a flaky buyer. A couple months ago, Father Rozen contacted me via PM about some items that he was interested in. I was asked to provide my mailing info and to expect a money order from him in the mail. I edited my thread & photographs and turned away an interested party from the items now on "hold, pending payment" from Father Rozen. A couple days later, Father Rozen sent me a PM saying that something came up and the funds were no longer available and won't be paying for the items after all.

It was a waste of time, and Father Rozen is on my "Do Not Deal With" list.

RE: Father Rozen's Feedback - ianastar - 11-04-2010

I had a wonderful transaction with Father Rozen. He asked me to hold items and sent me a money order for the agreed amount. Once I received the money order the items were shipped.

All around smooth transaction and wonderful communication.

RE: Father Rozen's Feedback - Buff - 02-04-2011


Bought a doll from me and paid promptly by Money order exactly when he said he would!

RE: Father Rozen's Feedback - joyinthedance - 03-11-2011

+1 as a buyer! Very prompt payment, friendly, and easy to deal with. smile