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Melbourne, Australia - May (Maybe) - Hannahnoface - 09-05-2010

Me and Tagi (and Puzzle) have been discussing a possible meet up in Melbourne (As I've seen a lot of aussie members on here are from there XD)
I'd be willing to fly down and stay in a hotel for a meetup for a few days :3
If this goes ahead I will bring down any doll requested besides Chantilly and Shinku as their hair will not travel well.
I will also be bringing my Soom Monzo doll as he'll be here before April.
If any Melbournites would like to suggest a possible meet up place I'd be more than willing ^^
Anyone willing?

RE: Sydney, Australia! Anyone? - Bella - 09-11-2010

im in melbourne sad

RE: Melbourne, Australia - May (Maybe) - Hannahnoface - 01-17-2011

Edit for place changed to melbourne possibly!

RE: Melbourne, Australia - May (Maybe) - Puzzle - 01-23-2011

Hey! I'd love to meet up with you all <3 I don't know about where to meet but if the others, here, don't mind we could have it at my place. There's a park within walking distance. The only issue is I'm right out on the edge of the Eastern suburbs, so that could make travel tricky. Does anyone else have suggestions?

RE: Melbourne, Australia - May (Maybe) - Hannahnoface - 01-24-2011

I've never been to melbourne so I have no clue XD but I'd be willing anywhere as long as I can get my dolls safely there and back~ We totally need to find some more vict....I mean participants.

RE: Melbourne, Australia - May (Maybe) - Hannahnoface - 01-31-2011

bumpity bump for more people please~! we need moar people to come : D! I'll be bringing my big bjd boys down and whichever pullips anyone wants to see, cmon aussies! XD

RE: Melbourne, Australia - May (Maybe) - AliceFiend - 01-31-2011

That would be awesome it is about time someone tried to organize a doll meet in australia.

RE: Melbourne, Australia - May (Maybe) - Tagi - 02-18-2011

I'm in the north western suburbs personally but I don't mind a drive wink if we end up descending on puzzle's place I can take peeps who live out nearish to me

RE: Melbourne, Australia - May (Maybe) - Hannahnoface - 02-20-2011

Sounds good to me grin if I come down I'll probably splurge and stay at the hilton for a few days so maybe even my hotel room if they allow it. We'll decide on a date soon once I figure out when I'll have teh moolah to go down with, I'll have to pay my Monzo off cause then Ender is only a few hundred a month. And then I can safely book tickets to melbourne ^-^ you guys will have to show me round a bit too! *never been*

RE: Melbourne, Australia - May (Maybe) - Puzzle - 02-20-2011

I don't mind people coming here (so long as my family is fine with it) however, it might be better to meet at the hotel if we can. That way, we can always leave things in the rooms and go for a wander. There's really nothing out my way that we can easily go see. I'm still fine if you guys want to come, but going into the city would probably be better.

I was also wondering if we didn't want to do a mini "GO" for this meet up? Dolls or wigs or something? That way one person can bring everything, rather than people paying shipping again?

RE: Melbourne, Australia - May (Maybe) - Bella - 02-22-2011

im soooo excited, im going to be driving soon so yey!

there are some nice hostels if nobody can afford hotels. and there is also a fairly quick train ride to get here other than plane

RE: Melbourne, Australia - May (Maybe) - Estrial - 02-22-2011

hi Im from Melbourne too! not sure if I will be having my nursing placements during May but If im not I would love to join everyone too grin

RE: Melbourne, Australia - May (Maybe) - Hannahnoface - 02-22-2011

omg yay more people~ ! So now that we have more we have to decide on where it'll be, I'm still working on my finances so I can come down.

RE: Melbourne, Australia - May (Maybe) - Puzzle - 02-27-2011

If we meet in the city I know a few places we could visit. There's the Sushi Train in Crown that has both yumcha and sushi (and so pretty tasty desserts) that's fun and pretty cheap. There's also Minotaur, sci-fi and fantasy store (sci-fi, anime, novels, figurines, etc.) Haigs (awesome chocolate store), and quite a few other places we can poke about.

Hannah, I think we'd all love to see you there, and we need to see when Estrial's placement begins, so why don't we wait until you both are ready and we can book the date then? Late May-early June, maybe?

RE: Melbourne, Australia - May (Maybe) - Hannahnoface - 02-27-2011

Yeah, I'm just waiting on a few little things to sort out, I wanna pay my doll layaways off before I commit to a hotel and plane ticket so that I've definitely got free money and stuff with no strings attached <.< we'll sort it out I'm sure.