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New Clothes & Wigs! - princesspetal - 09-08-2010

I haven't taken many photos of my Dals etc. lately (except of Roux for Dalicious) because I've been super busy but they got some new things lately so I took a few quick pics.

Lily (My Melody) got some new clothes. They are from the Liv "Hayden" doll from the "It's My Nature Series". Well. Except the red leggings which are by coolcat. I love the outfit on her so much! she will be getting the outfit from the Katie doll soon too.

[Image: 4959882805_474f05b240.jpg]
Lily by Lucy-Loves?, on Flickr

[Image: 4960479300_bcb28c1d4a.jpg]
Lily by Lucy-Loves?, on Flickr

And then my little London (Frara) got a new wig. She only had a new one a few months ago but I never liked it much and so when I saw there was a quick nDoll GO on, I had to get her this one! I wanted it when there was a GO before but it wasn't in stock and this time, not only was it in stock, it was also on sale! Bargain! And it is perfect for her! I got it in pink too which also looks nice but the blonde is better.

[Image: 4959883681_25fa4972c6.jpg]
London's New Wig by Lucy-Loves?, on Flickr

[Image: 4959884781_c6ed74f777.jpg]
London's New Wig by Lucy-Loves?, on Flickr

So I hope you like my girls =) I'll try and take more pics of all my family soon ^______^

RE: New Clothes & Wigs! - Cartagia - 09-08-2010

London's wig is adorable on her! :3 Good choice!

Also - Liv stocks fit Pullips? I was looking at the Livs in Toys R Us at the weekend, I might have to go have another look! XD

RE: New Clothes & Wigs! - princesspetal - 09-08-2010

Liv stocks fit Pullips perfectly!

Well. Lily is on an obitsu. But they fit her absolutely perfectly.

And although Liv's can be quite expensive to buy, the nude/bald dolls do seem to sell fairly reasonably on ebay because it seems people like to customise them; so you can make at least some of the money back if you want to. But i am keeping mine for now. I have Daniella from the second series of them and her outfit fits lily perfectly too and i also have the outfit from the Katie from the first series which fits perfectly. They are great clothes! As I said, I am going to get Katie too for her clothes for Lily, hehe =)

RE: New Clothes & Wigs! - Lilcurly - 09-08-2010

Gorgeous! I love Lily's outfit smile I was looking at the Liv dolls in Toys R Us yesterday....those dolls r fugly :s The seperate clothes sets they had were pants too, *sigh*. I might splash out & just buy a doll for the clothes if they sell ok nude & bald though.

RE: New Clothes & Wigs! - kiwi-chan - 09-10-2010 girl had the same wig for a while! its so cute when you brush ityay

RE: New Clothes & Wigs! - Puzzle - 09-10-2010

Lily is such a beautiful girl and that outfit is brilliant! And London's wig fits her wonderfully <3 Your girls are gorgeous ^^

RE: New Clothes & Wigs! - Little_Spark - 09-12-2010

Your Frara is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute Heart 2

RE: New Clothes & Wigs! - GreyBird1881 - 09-13-2010

That wig looks wonderful on London, suits her so well and I love that outfit on Lily!

RE: New Clothes & Wigs! - PrettyPullip - 09-14-2010

London is absolutely adorable. smile

RE: New Clothes & Wigs! - mustang_sally - 09-14-2010

Lovely girls you have... grin

They look great and this little net for catching butterflies is really too cute...

RE: New Clothes & Wigs! - princesspetal - 09-15-2010

Thanks everyone! Although Lily won't be allowed to catch any butterflies with her net as I have a phobia of them, lol. No butterflies in this house!

She got another new outfit tonight. I picked up the Liv Katie doll from the same series as the outfit she has on in the pic up there. Its a really cute outfit. My favourite =)