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San Francisco Pullip Meet - dms_a_jem - 09-12-2010

Vanie, RacerGT and I got together today for a "Mad Tea Party" themed meet today in San Francisco. It was such a blast!Happy

[Image: 4981566340_649d84095c_z.jpg]
Back row (l to r): Isabella (RacerGT), Gia (RacerGT), Maddox (RacerGT), Alice (RacerGT), Emma Jo (Mine), Trixie (Mine), Vienna (Mine), Wolfgang (Mine)
Front Row (l to r): Nicki (RacerGT), Another Alice (RacerGT), Micah (RacerGT), Layla (RacerGT), Hermine (vanie), Tina (vanie), Mercu (vanie) and Malice (Mine)

[Image: 4981568718_e6f198ecae_z.jpg]
RacerGT's faux Leprotto custom, Layla

[Image: 4981573336_00cd165dab_z.jpg]
Vanie's sweet little Hermine getting the evil eye from my two Dals, Trixie and Emma Jo.

[Image: 4980969529_d6551e1e44_z.jpg]
The tea party was a huge success!

[Image: 4981578926_e381213856_z.jpg]
RacerGT's Gia having a "King Kong" moment with a weird sculpture in the park.

Tons and tons more photos are on my flickr! Thanks again vanie and RacerGT, it was soooo much fun!

RE: San Francisco Pullip Meet - Little_Spark - 09-12-2010

OMG I love that they had a tea party in the park all together LOL

RE: San Francisco Pullip Meet - vanie - 09-13-2010

It was great seeing you all! Totally had fun and loved seeing all the photo opportunities! I've also added some of my pictures to my flickr as well!

[Image: 4981321255_359331debc.jpg]

[Image: 4981306707_047e1f51c2.jpg]

[Image: 4981315057_8c8770f9ba.jpg]

RE: San Francisco Pullip Meet - SceneNeko - 09-13-2010

What a cute tea party! I especially love the last picture lol!

RE: San Francisco Pullip Meet - RacerGT - 09-14-2010

[Image: P9110074.jpg?t=1284410131]
View from the top: Lots of tea and treats!
[Image: P9110059.jpg?t=1284410195]
Dms_a_Jem's Emma Jo and Alice enjoying their tea...
[Image: P9110055.jpg?t=1284410281]
Vanie's Tina wanted to join in on the fun!
[Image: P9110029.jpg?t=1284410404]
Dms_a_Jem's Vienna and Wolfgang - a happy couple
[Image: P9110028.jpg?t=1284410468]
Vanie's Mercu and Dms_a_Jem's Malice - too cute!
[Image: P9110104.jpg?t=1284410557]
Gia escaping the grasp of a large metal thing....
[Image: P9110113.jpg?t=1284410639]
Vanie's Tina reminding us where Japan is on the Globe.
Had a wonderful time and so did my (non-dolly buddy) - View from the Tea Party - Yerba Buena Gardens and the SF Museum of Modern Art Building on the upper left hand corner view.
[Image: P9110086.jpg?t=1284410808]
"When I come home to you, San Francisco, your golden sun will shine for me...." (Tony Bennett's famous vintage tune)

RE: San Francisco Pullip Meet - KiraKira - 09-14-2010

Looks like everyone who went had a fun time! It seems there are lots of dolly meets, just not here in Hawaii. It's times like these that I wish I lived on the continent... smile

RE: San Francisco Pullip Meet - RacerGT - 09-14-2010

Dearest KiraKira: It is us who would love to bring the Pullip Meets to Hawaii!!!! That would be awesome - I have got to see if there is a way to do a DM "conference" then, everyone can have it written off on their taxes... the dolly wheels are really turning now ^_~

RE: San Francisco Pullip Meet - PrettyPullip - 09-14-2010

Wow. Looks like an awesome dolly meet. I love the tea party set up. smile