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Sweet Nicole (HNY) - kaela - 10-07-2010

Some days ago I built myself a mini "photostudio" and to try it out I made a photo session with my beloved Nicole where she's modeling for my self-made sweets.
Taking these pics was so funny!
I hope the pics are not too "dirty"- if so please tell me- then I apologize. Sweatdrop
I hope you like the pictures. blush





Thanks for looking!

RE: Sweet Nicole (HNY) - N0xx7 - 10-07-2010

Ohhhh I love this. very sexy and cute ^^

RE: Sweet Nicole (HNY) - GreyBird1881 - 10-08-2010

Very cute!

RE: Sweet Nicole (HNY) - Bohemian - 10-08-2010

Aw, I love Haute NY! Those sweets are really cute, did you make them out of Sculpey?

RE: Sweet Nicole (HNY) - kaela - 10-08-2010

Tahnk you all!yay

@Bohemian: I don't know Sculpey, I used Fimo (some kind of modeling mass) and put real sugar beads on the tops.

RE: Sweet Nicole (HNY) - Bohemian - 10-08-2010

Sculpey is pretty much the same thing as Fimo, it's that clay stuff that comes in different colors. I think they're just two different brands.

RE: Sweet Nicole (HNY) - Lilcurly - 10-08-2010

Cute! Love her sexy panties!

RE: Sweet Nicole (HNY) - PrettyPullip - 10-08-2010

Hot! Very creative. smile

RE: Sweet Nicole (HNY) - kaela - 10-09-2010

Thanks, Lilcurly and PrettyPullip! yay

RE: Sweet Nicole (HNY) - CherryBlossomGirl - 10-14-2010

She's really a hottie! ♥

RE: Sweet Nicole (HNY) - Staria - 10-14-2010

What a sexy girl! Look at those lips! 8D

RE: Sweet Nicole (HNY) - Soshi - 10-16-2010

Eep! Sexy!