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feedback for Bella - Bella - 10-21-2010

Hello Everyone,
this is my feedback thread,
please feel free to either leave me a score or detailed comment, both are welcome negative or positive smile

if at all possible can you please include a description of the item bought, just so i can track who i got what from and how the transaction went. if you dont want to, thats fine as well smile

thank you. <3

Pos: 4
Neg: 0
Neutral: 0

RE: feedback for Bella - Lila_Meily - 11-10-2010

+1 as a buyer
she buy Aya's stock from me, a really good transaction ^^

RE: feedback for Bella - Merzedes - 11-21-2010

+1 as buyer
lovely contact and fast payment!

RE: feedback for Bella - dollyb213 - 12-03-2010

+1 as a wonderful buyer!

Great communications, always pleasant and exceedingly patient and considerate when we were having troubles with paypal.

I can't thank her more not just for the adoption itself, but more for her great personality that has made the transaction a really great one.

Thank you Bella! Please keep in touch!!! : )

RE: feedback for Bella - MissMandyLynne - 07-13-2011

+1 for a great sale

bought a custom made dress from me - was very patient with getting her stuff with almost 4 1/2 months of a wait ^^