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Lydia (Dal Sooni) - Celenia - 11-12-2010


[Image: p1050616.jpg]

[Image: p1050751m.jpg]

[Image: p1050731m.jpg]

[Image: p1060362j.jpg]

[Image: p1050537.jpg]

RE: Lydia (Dal Sooni) - Lilcurly - 11-12-2010

She is too cute!! I love Sooni, I think she's one of the prettiest Dals.

RE: Lydia (Dal Sooni) - Celenia - 11-12-2010

I agree with you, Sooni are the ptettiest dals!!!!! ^__^

RE: Lydia (Dal Sooni) - Miss Edith - 11-12-2010

adorable smile I agree Sooni is lovely