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Snow day !! - Zuley - 11-28-2010

Hi there!

I would like to share with you some of my girls, today we have got snow in Ireland. ;D

Adaia on the tree (Pullip Blanche)
Adaia snow

Tara, she is very shy girl (Pullip Tiphona)
Tara snow

TalĂ­a, she is ready to go shopping (Pullip Alte) ;D
Talia snow
I hope you enjoy as much as I did. Thanks for view them. ;D

RE: Snow day !! - Lilcurly - 11-28-2010

Gorgeous! <3 I love their winter outfits.

RE: Snow day !! - Zuley - 11-28-2010

(11-28-2010, 08:04 AM)Lilcurly Wrote: Gorgeous! <3 I love their winter outfits.

Thanks I made some of the clothes. So happy to hear it. ;D

RE: Snow day !! - Miss Edith - 11-28-2010

beautiful family and beautiful snow LOL I so want to see snow once in my life.

RE: Snow day !! - Thylaylii - 11-28-2010

Hehe, first thing i thought of when I saw the snow was taking the pullips out too x3 I love the clothing, particually the first & thirds' dress-shirts, they are beautiful!

RE: Snow day !! - mobscenes - 11-28-2010

so adorable!! you did a great job on the clothing, you should do commissions! grin

RE: Snow day !! - GreyBird1881 - 11-28-2010

Those outfits are adorable! Love the photos!

RE: Snow day !! - Zuley - 11-29-2010

Miss Edith I am sure one day you will see snow. You only need to wish it very hard, the dreams always come true. ;D
Thylaylii yes do it, the pics looks very nice, the snow gives a very nice color in the pics.
mobscenes thanks sweetie I might open my own shop after Xmas. But I want to get better sewing.
GreyBird1881 thanks a million!!
I am so happy to read your comments ;D

RE: Snow day !! - icesymphany - 11-29-2010

Where did you get all of the clothes that they are wearing?

RE: Snow day !! - Zuley - 11-29-2010

(11-29-2010, 03:15 PM)icesymphany Wrote: Where did you get all of the clothes that they are wearing?
I made the dresses, hats and scarfs. And the tight in the third picture. I am happy you like them. grin